Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today finds me (and Alina) sitting at the office conference table getting ready to work. The internet and tv have been down since 2:30 yesterday afternoon. I don't mind not having television, but internet is another story. Knowing I am not able to work is hard and not having communication to the outer world is also hard.

No pictures today as they are on Ed's computer and with no internet, he can't send them to me. But come they will.

Our house is also done on the exterior and pictures will come of that too. I still pull up to the house and always question myself if I'm pulling in the right driveway.

Work beckons and I need to heed the call.


kerrianne said...

House pictures!

(Whoa, I got a bit excited there. But, um: house pictures!)

(Happy! almost gravy day.)

Jean said...

pics would've happened today, but it's sleety/rainy/yucky outside..Plus I needed to paint the front door white so the current blue doesn't stick out like an eye sore!