Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here are a few pictures from our trip to Seattle last weekend. It was hard to choose from the plethera that we took, but I finally narrowed it down.

Here's the school that our trip was fitted around. We were turning a corner when I took this, hence the blurriness..

This was what we saw when we turned the corner to the baggage claims area at Sea-Tac. What a great, unique idea. The suitcases are threaded through a pole which turns and you could hear the leather of the bags creak and groan.

From the airport, we drove into the city, went to the fish market, went by the school and headed to the hotel and crashed.

Friday started bright and early with Ed's interview. At lunch this is where we went with two other couples (hi Jason, Mandy, Rick and Jennifer!). Salmon fish and chips with malt vinegar. Mmmmmm. What look like windows are actually large garage type doors that open during the warmer months so it's more of an open air restaurant right on the sound.

The sun did come out during Ed's interview and I captured the Cascade Mountains from the window of the school.

We went to dinner with 16 other people to this tiny Thai place where the food was amazing and very filling (I was sad to leave my food behind as it would've made excellent leftovers).

This is Ed and I Saturday morning before going into the school for the final sessions of the weekend.

After we were done with our MHGS Experience Weekend, we took a car ferry over to Bainbridge Island with Jason and Mandy to peruse the little town. We stopped at a tex mex restaurant for dinner and then headed back to the city of which you could see all the lights twinkling from the ferry's deck.

It was a fantastic weekend and a great city to experience.


Cheeky said...

I'm jealous--I've never been there before but distinctly remember a phone call from Dan from the rain forest while we were still dating. He says it is a great city to tour and experience.

What about a great place to live?

Jean said...

Those we talked to that live there (and those we know here that know people who live there) love it. It would be an experience in and of itself, of that I know.. :)

Anne said...

Gorgeous pictures!

How do you get your luggage down? I'm so confused by that newfangled contraption!

Jean said...

It's a display...the claim area was beyond the display. :)
Alina also wondered how we got our luggage down. :)