Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's Age Got To Do With It?

Number three review for Thomas Nelson Publishers. What's Age Got To Do With It? by Robin McGraw. Here's a snip-it from the inside flap:

* “I’m 42-years-old, but feel like I’m 62.”
* “I have lost my glow.”
* “I miss the woman I used to be.”
* “I’m so afraid of getting older.”
* “I want to feel healthy and alive again”

If you’ve had these or similar thoughts, you’re not alone. Robin McGraw, wife of television talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, receives thousands of emails from women asking her what she does to look and feel so vibrant, energetic and healthy at the age of 55. It all started back in Robin’s twenties and thirties when pivotal moments
in her life made her realize that if she did not put her health and well-being, first, no one else would.

I hemmed and hawed about reading this book. 1st I'm not 55 or anywhere near it, and 2nd, what could I possibly learn from reading this book? I finally decided to request it. I received it in the mail Thursday and finished it today. So easy to read, and so full of great pointers and practical ideas. The main theme is to take care of your body now, so when it's older you won't face so many problems (through menopause and perimenopause). Some things were a bit overwhelming with all she does to keep healthy (and I don't live in CA or am married to Dr. Phil to afford these things), but she gives great at-home, inexpensive tips to help different areas of life. Her main point as a woman: to take of yourself. It's so easy for mom's especially to let themselves go in the busyness of every day life and how unhealthy that is physically, emotionally and spiritually. And that it's NOT selfish to take time for one's self. You are only helping everyone else by being at your best.

A great, easy read that is personable. So informative in the area of what is going to happen to my body in the next 10-15 years. Great advice of how to take care of my body whether it be physically (appearance, make-up, working out, how to dress, etc.) which feeds into the emotional, and the spiritual to keep the connection to God open and know that He's always there with me.

I'd suggest this book in a heart beat. (And every time she referenced her husband, I never thought of him as Dr. Phil as she calls him Phillip...which helped a lot). :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

cars, dinosaurs and Enchanted

This conversation took place on the way to get Sam at school yesterday afternoon.

Me: Alina are you buckled?
A: Yes! I've clicked! Why do we have to have car seats?
Me: To keep you safe. When I was little, we didn't have car seats.
A: (eyes big) Did you have cars back then?
Me: (to myself "I'm not THAT old!"). Yes...we had cars back then.
A: Were there dinosaurs when you were little?
Me: (laughing out loud). Um dinosaurs. I'm not that old.

by this time I didn't realize she had her headphones on and immediately after saying there were no dinosaurs around when I was little, I heard at the top of her voice: "Do you pull each others tails? Do you feed each other seeds?".

And today? In the middle of nowhere she asks, "how do you start a conbersbation?" (couldn't quite pronounce 'conversation'...melted my heart!!). Where does she get these questions? I LOVE IT!

Random? Yup. That's my sweet girl. I love, love, love hearing her mind at work and how absorbent it is! It fascinates me how FAST it moves and the questions that are sprouting all the time!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's almost been three weeks since Ed and I started our campaign of getting in shape. We've changed our eating habits, went from no exercise to every/other day, and have started to take better care of our bodies. Between the two of us we've lost 11 pounds so far (with Ed losing the most) and our stamina has increased by leaps and bounds. We went snowshoeing on Saturday and neither of us were worn out at the end.

I've made so many new recipes in the last few weeks. Some good, some so-so. Some meat filled, some meat-less. Here are links to all that I've made so far:

Chilaquiles Casserole

Skillet Tuna Noodle Casserole
Crispy Chicken Tostadas
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Orzo Salad w/Chickpea's and Artichokes
Overnight Oatmeal

Tuscan-style Tuna Salad

So with keeping an eye on our calories, eating less snacky stuff throughout the day, more healthy stuff when we're supposed to eat and still being able to have enough calorie room at the end of the day to still enjoy dessert, it's been fantastic. We have one "free" day where we don't count anything (but still eat in moderation) and make it healthy. The kids haven't complained (last night I was donned the best cooker ever). Other than feeling great and losing weight? The meals consist of normal ingredients that don't break the grocery budget!

On to the next weeks!

Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 has started out quietly.
We had a quiet New Years Eve and enjoyed a visit from Ed's mom.
Ed and I started exercising again.
And eating better.
We both have goals we want to meet.
This past week I started counting calories and writing down what we eat (after we polished off the Top Pot Doughnuts only to find out our absolute favorite doughnut grants us 600 calories! No more Top Pot. For awhile.). It's amazing how effective writing down what you eat does. I eat less. Snack on unhealthy munchies less and am more aware of what I am putting in my body. I can eat so many more healthy things compared to very few unhealthy things (portion wise). I'm all about eating more! I've found a lot of Eating Well recipes that all four of us will enjoy. Now I just need to find Tahini! I miss Meijer! Ed has been the master at eating healthy, staying on an exercise schedule and losing weight. I'm so proud of him!
We're also starting a bible study together Monday at church going through the book Boundries. I'm geeked about this and to do this together is so awesome!
So we're starting out 2009 healthier.
For our minds.
Our bodies.
And our spirits.