Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've been itching to get our Christmas tree up (have to wait until the drywall is finished and painted around the fireplace first). I think the past three years, it has been put up a week out from Christmas. The first year we lived here, it was put up Christmas morning (we had moved in a few days prior). I always envision having Christmas music playing, not being rushed, painting ornaments, try to string popcorn, baking cookies. Course everything in my head is a lot grander than what happens in reality. The music does get played, though the kids get bored after their ornaments are on. I rarely get around to making cookies. The ornaments I bought last year to paint are still in the cupboard. And popcorn stringing will never happen. Why I envision stringing popcorn is beyond me as I never did it growing up. I just want life to slow down. To enjoy the aroma's of the Christmas season and recreate/create memories for our kids. For us too. Maybe this year that will happen.


Anne said...

We're planning on getting the tree and everything up on Sunday afternoon...we haven't played any Christmas music or anything yet either, so I'll probably break out all the fun! Hmmm...maybe I need to get a cinnamon candle to burn as well? Or a cookie-scented one! Then you don't actually have to bake them!

Apologies to Jill who apparently believes that it's blasphemous to have waited this long to get the decorations up. Guess we're all going to hell, huh? ;)

Ed said...

I am not sure that we'll ever string popcorn. Too many popcorn lovers in our house.

Jean said...

Cookie scented candle is a great idea....!

Guess I'll be seeing you there then. :)

Hmmm...very good point wouldn't even make it to the tree between Sam and I. :)