Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life seems to have all of a sudden become very full. I'm finding that working a full time job takes up a whole lot of time! Arriving home by 5:00, dinner, spend an hour with the kids and then it's bedtime for them. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it? When I was home with them every single day I was wishing that I could go to work and be around adults. Now those days are long gone and the kids are both in school full time. How I long for those days again of spending so much time with them. Reading to them. Playing with them. Watching them learn and grow. Now someone else gets to do that. Their friends, their teachers and those that are around them 7 hours a day. I just get a snippet.

With the roles reversed in this season of life, I have experienced a glimpse of what Ed went through working full time to support our family for several years. Coming home and needing down time, but having to take off his work hat and put on his dad hat. How difficult that is with no transition time in between? Pretty hard. Did I understand that? Not a bit. I wanted him to take care of the kids the moment he stepped in the door. I needed a break too and didn't understand why he couldn't just come in and help the moment his body entered the house. But he remembers and sees when I walk in the door if I need to not wear any hat for just a few minutes.

The past is pretty dern clear when you look back at it. But the thing is, do you learn from it? Do you see how time flies and the busier you get the less you can give of yourself to those who need you the most.

Stop. Breathe. Enjoy those little people. Enjoy your spouse.

They will be off to school all day, every day before you know it.

Time will be screaming at you that you have lists and dishes and laundry and cleaning and carpool and practices and dinner and work to do.

Ignore it for a moment.



Friday, October 23, 2009

Review of The Secret of Indigo Moon

Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary book called The Secret of Indigo Moon by G.P. Tayler to read and review. This is the 2nd book in The Dopple Ganger Chronicles about three orphans who find themselves intertwined in a mystery.

Erik Morissey Ganger, famed explorer and detective (well, in his dreams), and his mischief-making sidekicks, twins Sadie and Saskia Dopple, didn’t go looking for a secret tunnel beneath the school. They never intended to make the acquaintance of a shifty private eye with a nose for trouble. It wasn’t part of the plan to come face to face with an old enemy, one with an agenda of his own that could destroy them all. And unraveling the “secret of indigo moon” was the farthest thing from their minds.

This is directed more towards youth with cartoon animation interspersed throughout the pages. It was a fast paced story and even though it targets a younger audience, I enjoyed it. The writing is very imaginative and very well done. It grabs you from the first page and for an adult is a quick read. I would have no hesitation letting my kids read this when they are older. It is has clean language and can lead to some great discussion. It can be a bit tense at times so I think it's more targeted for older elementary aged kids.

Great book and I will be looking to see if this author has written any adult books.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Review of The Jewel of His Heart by Maggie Brendan

This is my first book review for Revell Books. The Jewel of His Heart is book 2 in the Heart of the West series, but was easy to jump into even though I hadn't read book 1. The book is set in the 1890's in a Montana mining town. The main character, Juliana Brady, is on her own trying to make it in life at the age of 18. This book is about her life struggles and the surprise of love.

It was a pretty easy, quick read. Some twists and turns that were unexpected, along with offering forgiveness even when the feelings aren't there. I would most likely pick this book up off a shelf and give it a try with not having recognized this author.

Available October 2009 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Monday, October 05, 2009

A Review of Find Your Stongest Life

Thomas Nelson is releasing a new book called Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham. It reveals the powerful key to help women draw enough strength from life to feel fulfilled, loved, successful, and in control. Even more, he helps women reconnect with their purpose and gives a starting point for change. A research-based message that applies to work and life, Find Your Strongest Life shows women a "unified theory" for how they really can have it all . . . the right kind of all.

It was hard to jump into this book. I'm not a statistical person and the first few chapters hold a lot of statistics. There seemed to be a bent towards working women, but the overall umbrella is towards women in general. How to "have it all" as some say. Some things I had to push aside that didn't apply to my life, but the message is very powerful. "A strong life isn't what you do, it's what you feel." And just as important, "The secret to living a strong life is right in front of you, calling to you every day. It can be found in your emotional reaction to specific moments in your life." How tuned in am I to my life and those moments that make me feel alive? This book helps you discover those alive moments and then what to do with them to help you feel like you are living a successful life.

Friday, October 02, 2009

hello stranger

It's been awhile since I've actually written a non-book post. Be prepared though...more of those will be coming as I've picked up two more publishing companies to read books for.

But books aside, life is speeding by. School for Ed, Sam and Alina has entered month two with all of them busy with papers, reading, writing and projects.

I actually made dinner Wednesday night. I can't tell you how good this felt! The month of dinners in the freezer has been a tremendous help. Between Ed having night classes at the beginning of the week and me working 8-10 hours the later part of the week, those dinners have come in handy! But there is something about making a meal from scratch. It's such a soothing action which was welcomed after a long week of work.

Fall has landed here with rainy days and sunny days intermixed. One sad aspect is no apple picking. All apple orchards are a 3 hour drive away. Over the mountains to the desert side of the state. It's quite depressing actually. I loved pulling out and heating up a portion of homemade applesauce on those cold, dark, blustery evenings. Pop it in the oven with mini marshmallows on top. Heaven.

Ed's mom flies in tomorrow afternoon for a week long stay. Everyone is excited for her company! She'll be here for her 70th birthday of which the kids are thrilled to celebrate with her. She'll also be watching the kids while Ed and I fly across the country to attend Catalyst in Atlanta next week. I. Am. Beyond. Excited. #1: I get to go on an extended date with my best friend. #2: I get to attend Catalyst. It has been four years since the last time I attended. Life shifted at that Catalyst. I will never forget it as it shaped me into who I am today.

So life keeps ticking by each day. Fill it with classes and school and work and laughter and tears and conversations and growing it ticks even faster.