Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a super find

One of my favorite foods are cheese puffs. Not curls mind you. Too crunchy. But I would will myself not to buy them as they aren't the best thing for you.

Then I found these

Oh cheese puffs! Now I can eat a lot and not feel guilty or bad about eating them. Yes, they are a bit more expensive for a smaller bag. I'm learning how to ration and enjoy every single mouth melting bite.


Anne said...

Are you also hiding them so that they aren't devoured quite so quickly? I'm sure if they were my cheese puffs, I wouldn't be sharing! :)

heather said...

jean - i have the best cheese puffs EVER. now i can't think of the brand... hmm... maybe martha's or mary's or something. shoot. and of course i don't have a bag right now. i've only seen them at harvest health - and the expiration date is always very close to when you buy them (meaning they're fresh, not that they've been sitting on the shelf forever). anywho - these are my total indulgence around my period. i LOVE cheese puffs. Have you tried Pirate Booty? It's also fabulous.

Cheeky said...

I second Heather's Pirate Booty--they are a treasure, argh!

Heath--are they Barbara's cheese puffs?

Jean said...

They're in with the other chips, but it's a bag the kids don't recognize, so they won't touch it. :)

Hmmm...will have to investigate this Booty stuff and browse Harvest Health.. Thanks for the tips! :)