Saturday, November 26, 2016

Review of Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson

Nutshell: Do you feel like you have no vision in life? Like you have no purpose? Like you have no goals or dreams? This book will jumpstart you in how to realizing what your dreams may be and how your dream my impact those around you, even those who come after you that you don't even know today. Mark Batterson does a great job sucking you in to this book with his vibrant passion in looking for your Dream. This book give you the push you may need in pushing forward in your life. It breathes a breath of fresh air in to your soul and helps you realize that God has not forgotten you and He WANTS to do great things in your life. It may be small things or big things, but ultimately, God wants to use you to do His work and what an honor that is!

Pro's: A great book to read if you need a jumpstart in your life! Mark does a great job encouraging the reader to not give up!

Con's: Sometimes it felt very jumpy, like jumping from subject to subject without concluding one before the next starts.

Recommendation: Read this book! Patterson's first book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day is also an excellent book to read!

WaterbrookMultnomah sent me this complimentary book to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.

Review of The Cottage by Michael Phillips

Nutshell: Loni ford finds herself as the sole heir of property in Shetland Islands of which she knows nothing about. Should she sell if off to the locals or forge ahead and try this whole land ownership thing? With two sides vying for her loyalty she has to make a decision as to who to trust and not trust. As the only American on the island full of Scots, she learns a whole new culture and what it means being the laird of the island. But the island soon becomes divided when lies take over and turn the hearts of the island people. Loni finds herself falling for this island, for the people, especially the Chief of the island who is slowly starting to steal her heart. Loni's journey continues in Book 2 of the Secrets of the Shetlands.

Pro's: i loved this book! It read so fast despite being longer. Phillips weaves a story like no other where you can feel the drizzle in your bones and want to cozy up next to a fire and drink some tea with book in hand.

Con's: It would've been nice to have more side backstory of Loni's ancestry in the notes written by her family members. That could've been a great secondary story throughout the book, but seemed to die off the further the book went.

Recommendation: It would be beneficial to read book 1 in this series to fully understand this 2nd book and the characters in it. Otherwise, what a great read that is steady and heartfelt.

Bethany House Publishers sent me this copy to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.

Review of The Occupied by Craig Parshall

Nutshell: Lawyer Trevor Black had a pretty good childhood, was in a band as a teen, went off to college, then law school and ended up in New York City with a trophy wife and part of a prestiges law firm. Life was moving along pretty well. Until things started to fall apart and he came face to face with life unravelling. His marriage, his practice, his life. His eyes were also opened to a side of the world that he had never seen, but was eerily familiar from his youth. The dark side. With murders popping up that all looked the same with sinister evil forces behind them, Trevor finds himself looking not for murderers, but for the evil "horribles" living inside of those murdering. In this twisted tale of heaven versus hell, this gripping tale keeps you reading until the end.

Pro's: captivating! What a great story, and a great story teller in Craig!

Con's: may be on the dark side for those that want something light to read. Demons vs angels are prevalent in this book and if that keeps you awake a night, you may not want to read this. :)

Recommendation: Looking for something a bit heavier to chew on? This book will do it! It does get gruesome and violent at times, but it fits right within the story line.

Tyndale Publishers sent me this complimentary copy to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.