Thursday, October 16, 2008

debate results

Last night before the kids were headed to bed we had the end of the presidential debate on. This was a bit of the conversation during it.

Alina: Who are those people?
Me: Those men want to become the next president. It's like a competition.
Alina: Will the president stay the president until he dies?
Me: No.
Sam: I want that guy to win (pointing to the tv screen).
Ed: Why's that?
Sam: I like his tie better.
Ed: That's a good reason. Does a good tie make a good leader?
Sam: Yup. What's his name?
Ed: Barack Obama.
Sam: I'm going to vote for him.
Ed and I: (at the exact same time): Don't say anything about voting for him at school tomorrow. :)
Alina: I like the other guy.
Me: Why?
Alina: I like his white hair.
Sam: I like him too. He smiles a lot.
Ed: I'm not sure that's a smile.
Me: chuckling.

If only politics were so easy. I'm not a big fan of them what so ever and I don't like listening to people try to dig at each other and argue. Tell me what YOU are going to do, not what the other person has done wrong. But last night did make me lean more towards one side than the other as going in I had no clue as to who to vote for.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

no holes and holes

After mixing and rising and punching and cutting and rising and baking and dipping and coating and frosting and sprinkling, here are the baked doughnuts. Not just the doughnuts, but their holes too. Can't just throw those out!! They didn't come out like Heidi's, but the recipe was so simple and so easy. And I think just as yummy. :) And to be a tad more healthy, I used Nutella to top off some of these yummy, goodnessy treats.

before the oven

after the oven, sugar coating, frosting and decorating by Alina.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

connecting the dots

This afternoon on the way to a birthday party, we were stopped at a light and one of the many homeless people around town was standing at the corner with a sign. Sam had asked what the sign said and I responded by saying that the man was willing to work if someone had a job for him to do. Sam then asked if we could give him a job. Ed responded by saying that we don't have jobs ourselves and aren't able to give him a job. Sam then said, "Maybe mom should stand on a corner with a sign since she doesn't have a job." I know he didn't say it to be funny but both Ed and I both chuckled at this.

It fascinates me how his mind connects things. :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

I came to a realization last night. Ed and I were sitting on the couch chatting and I was finally able to put into words how anxiety hits me. With getting a "no, sorry, we picked someone else" phone call about another job yesterday, I started to once again worry. It's interesting though, that I don't become anxious when I worry. It's an after affect. I worried throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Pray. Worry. Give it back to God in prayer. Take the worry back. I know the verses to say, but letting them penetrate my heart is another thing.

My heart and mind finally rested after the kids went to bed. That's when the anxiety hit. Not being able to catch my breath to the point I think my lungs are going to explode from the pressure if I don't. That's when I realized the anxiety hits when I relax. So then I can't relax and end up part of the night wide awake thinking through all sorts of scenarios that don't even make one iota of sense.

Funny how God works, though. He placed us in a church where I am attending a women's bible study of which I knew no one the 1st night and will be doing a study called Calm My Anxious Heart. How fitting.