Friday, September 28, 2007

The weekend and on

This weekend started out with Sam coming back home from school due to a stomach ache and sore throat. I thought, "I hope it's not strep or the flu". Amazingly enough, it was neither. Throat was due to drainage and the stomach ache was cured by a simple act each and every one of us does. A trip to the bathroom. I think it's been a couple day's since he's visited ours. I had a wandering, bored, nothing else to do but torment his sister, 6 year old on my hands who was asking to go to school. So my amazing husband took his lunch break early to come and pick Sam up to take him back to school. Now I can tackle my list for the day (clean bathrooms, bedrooms, vacuum everywhere, climb Mt. Laundry, mop, work and answer the endless "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" requests.

The parents and Ed's mom are coming this afternoon and staying over tonight. My niece is watching the kids tonight so us adults can go listen to Dan Allender (president of Mars Hill Grad School where we're looking at going for Ed's schooling) speak at the seminary. Should produce interesting conversations.

Tomorrow is pick up day for Angel Food, yell, jump up and down and cheer at Sam's soccer game and then work on house projects. Church will more than likely be attended tomorrow night and Sunday will be a day of rest.

Then a new week starts of which will be filled with the following:
Bible study, DV:FX, Ed gone to Catalyst for three days, an evening out to a wedding as a friends date (I can't wait!!), soccer practice, soccer game, airport trips, school bus driver, Friday folder stuffer, child watcher, everyday house stuff, and I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting (thank heavens for I-Cal!). :)

For now I need to go hike the mountain and clean Le Toilet Lakes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This jar has become a huge entity in our home. A goal was set as to how much we needed in it and last week, that goal was met.

Why did we fill it? Well...I'm so glad you asked!

Ed has talked for years about going back to school for a counseling degree, but that is as far as it has gone. In January, different prospects were popping up job wise, and he was holding out hope for a certain job, so school was once again put on the back burner. May 31st was the deadline to apply for the upcoming fall semester at the school he had his eye on, but the paperwork was put aside with the slightest hope of that same job coming to fruition.

The job didn't come about and through a series of events, school popped back into the picture. He talked with several people who encouraged him to seek this school out as it was right up his ally.

So the paperwork was dusted off, filled out, test taken, recommendations given out and fees paid. All that was left was the interview. And for that he has to be there in person. Which of course is on the other side of the country.

November 15th, Ed and I are headed to Seattle, WA to an "Experience Mars Hill Weekend" at Mars Hill Graduate School, where he will interview, we'll meet students, profs, sit in classes, be engulfed with the sights and sounds of school and the city.

The only way we were going to be able to afford this without going into debt was to somehow save enough money in cash to pay for the tickets. And that "somehow" was in the form of selling all things that we no longer used. Toys, dishes, electronics, friend and family stuff (who so graciously said we could put their profits in our jar), odds and ends. $5 here, $90 there, $25 everywhere. Two months and a bit of an empty house later, we had enough.
Tickets have been purchased.
The jar is now empty.
But the selling hasn't stopped. We're on to Plan #2 which is saving for hotel, car and food for the weekend we're away.

Now if the house would only sell as easily as everything else has, we'd be all set!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

corn, teeth and the fairy

I had two realizations last night.

1. The next time I decide to make a new recipe involving cutting corn off the cob, I should move the tooth that fell out that morning off the counter. Only because the corn makes a mess (and flies everywhere when being cut off the cob) on the counter and one tooth and one kernel of corn look really, really alike. So far, no hard kernels have been found in the corn and black bean salad I made.

2. Always have an extra tooth on hand. Thankfully, this was tooth #7 that had fallen out, so I had some "spare teeth" up on my dresser. I've heard the tooth fairy isn't too picky as to which tooth she finds under the pillow.

Monday, September 17, 2007

all that's needed is the mini-van...

Saturday was Sam's 1st soccer game. Ed and I were pretty horse after yelling for 40 minutes. "Keep going! Go THAT way!! Move up!! Kick it, kick it! Great job!! Good try!! Awesome block!" It was very entertaining. The purple people eaters won 5-1. With of course, one point being the other team scoring in their own goal. It pretty much went, kick ball...mob follows...kick ball...mob follows. Every time Sam kicked the ball, he would stop, turn around and wave at us as the game continued. All the guys did an awesome job. By the end, I think they figured out that when you kick the ball, you go after it instead of standing there.
This Saturday it's supposed to rain. I can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Who knew that when a pop can is knocked off a top shelf, when impact is made, it can explode out the side, shooting a good 15 feet into the kitchen, cover the pantry door from top to bottom, and cover four sets of legs that just happened to be standing there, trying to decide what type of fizzy to have. Obviously not that can.

Who knew that when a bowl is accidentally dropped onto the hardwood floor it doesn't break. But when accidentally dropped onto the head of a 3 year old, it breaks into five pieces, leaving a shard in her forehead, a goose egg on the side of her head and a black eye from the impact.

Who knew that pop could be so hilariously funny and kids heads so hard.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1st grade

1st day of 1st grade. He told his grandma that it was "really hard" as they had to color a lot today. He asked if I could wash his shirt tonight so he could wear it again tomorrow. I suggested for him to pick out something different. He met a new friend who gave him his juice box since he didn't have anything to drink. He was scared and teared up when he was dropped off as he didn't know where to go. Dad was his hero by helping him out in the unfamiliar situation. He was awake at 5:45 this morning and "just couldn't go back to sleep". It is the 1st night of his 6 years of life that he has slept without bunny. The tender-hearted, care-free, not-afraid-to-hug-his-mom, thinks his dad is the ultimate coolest hero, little boy is still in there.

Seeing how some prayers change. From asking Him to keep him healthy in the womb, that he would be ok in delivery, for surgery's and doctor checkups to be positive and go well, to asking for just one full night of sleep. For him, in his child like faith, realize what Christ has done for him to asking for a good friend who will treat him kindly and not guilt him.

Soon enough he'll be going into jr. high. That literally IS how fast time goes.

It's amazing how one little person can grip your heart, sometimes squeeze it, sometimes make it burst. And no matter what, you love him with everything you have.

Monday, September 03, 2007


This weekend was packed full of some fun, but mainly all work.

Friday night was BBQ with the family and then a night parade to watch my niece play in the drum line.

Saturday the parents were here and each of us accomplished so much. Ed finished re-wiring the basement and ended up with a good 10-20 yards of wire that was not being used throughout the house. He also mowed the grass (which is a two hour job). Dad patched the ceiling in the garage where the previous owner had cut a nice hole out of it and left it and painted the stairway in the garage. Mom took down the lovely border in our bedroom. I cleaned up the basement and had a nice "to sell" pile, some of which has already been sold. I also chopped down the five bushes at the end of the driveway so now people can see when pulling out!

Sunday was church, nap and more cleaning.

Today Ed pulled/dug out all the roots from the bushes I chopped down, worked some more in the basement, shampooed the carpets, and had a little bon fire in the front yard with gasoline, matches and bees. I picked up Candy Land, dropped off baby clothes and went to the store. We dropped off our very first computer (Ed's Ipod has more memory than that thing did) to Goodwill, dropped off boxes to a family that's moving and somewhere in there ate lunch.

The rest of the week consists of 1st day of school, library, grocery store, deliver meal, soccer meeting, watch the new cute little baby, practice at church (I've been dreaming about ants in my pants), drop off bags of clothes and books, sell more stuff, meet with realtor for the house, get the truck ready to sell and I think that's it.

Now it's time for bed.