Monday, April 27, 2009

The Noticer

Thomas Nelson review for The Noticer by Andy Andrews.

A moving story of common wisdom from the bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift.

Orange Beach, Alabama is a simple town filled with simple people. But they all have their share of problems – marriages teetering on the brink of divorce, young adults giving up on life, business people on the verge of bankruptcy, and many of the other obstacles that life seems to dish out to the masses.

Fortunately, when things look the darkest – a mysterious old man named Jones has a miraculous way of showing up. Communicating what he calls “a little perspective,” Jones explains that he has been given a gift of noticing things that others miss. In his simple interactions, Jones speaks to that part in everyone that is yearning to understand why things happen and what they can do about it.

Based on a remarkable true story, The Noticer beautifully blends fiction, allegory, and inspiration.

Perspective. With all the stories throughout this book, it all comes down to perspective. Do you see life as the glass being half full or half empty? In the Noticer, a simple man travels around encouraging people. Married people. People ready to end their lives. People thinking there is no hope for them. Yet a man named Jones comes along and shakes their world by using his words of encouragement and perspective and gives these people a spark of hope to start seeing life through a different glasses.

A very fast but encouraging read. A great book to have on the shelf.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Easter has been different.

First off, it's the first Easter ever that I have had to work.
To leave the house when the kids are still sleeping.
To go to church and pray with staff before all the services start.
To greet and chat with different families.
To have the reminder every hour that He is risen indeed!

Secondly, we went down a side road for the traditional Easter feast.
It was just the four of us celebrating Christ today at our table.
We chose lamb to symbolize His death.
Resurrection Rolls to symbolize His life.
What great conversation arose because of the food we ate.

Lastly, we will be attending church in the evening instead of the morning.

It has been a very good Easter.
A very moving Good Friday.
A very good reminder this year, amidst non-traditions, that Jesus is alive.

He is alive and working in me.
In my husband.
In my kids.

He is risen. He is risen indeed!
For this, I am eternally thankful.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

one week in

So I've been a working mom for a week now. Boy has it changed our lives! I'm slowly learning how to plan ahead. And by slowly, I mean s.l.o.o.o.o.w.l.y. After being at home for 8 years and on my own time schedule, having a job outside the home is forcing me to organize our home life. "Forcing" being a good thing. I still need to get into the habit of planning a day ahead, if not more for how transportation is going to work (with having one vehicle and three places three people need to be). My next step is making lunches the night before. And if it was a morning like today, making a healthy, transportable breakfast that the kids can eat on the way. Yet another important step is planning ahead for meals by making a menu. I need to get back into this habit as it saves so much on grocery money as I'm an impulse buyer and NEED to stick to my list.

One of the greatest things about this job is the flexibility. I can't tell you the magnitude of relief at this. There are days and times that I need to be there no matter what, but other days, I can work around Ed and Sam's school schedules. It has worked out phenomenally. Lots of driving, but it all works out. Hey...I get to hold hands with my love more and chat with the kids about their days more as they are less distracted. It's a win win for sure!

There is still a LOT to learn and I've come home every day pretty tuckered out, but my brain is getting exercise and to not have a sit-at-your-desk job is the greatest thing ever for me. I get to talk to lots of people, play with kids and also have some down time to work on projects. Though our window-less office is down in the "dungeon" of one of the church buildings, there is a lot of laughter and conversation among co-workers.

It's been an amazing experience so far and I'm excited about what God is going to teach me through this job and those I come in contact with over the next months.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tonight is Green and White!

Ed has more of a reason to root for green and white tonight as it is his Alma Mater, but MSU has a special place in my heart as well. It is where we had our first date, where Ed wanted to tell me he loved me (though was unsuccessful as I was over in the bushes heaving my dinner up because I was so nervous) and where he successfully proposed to me. So tonight our west coast home will be cheering for the guys in green and white! GO SPARTANS!