Tuesday, November 27, 2007

new pictures

So I braved the snow and decided it was time to go out and take pictures of the house.

Here's what the house mainly looked like when we bought it. Wood shakes were also on the brown parts around the front door. There also was a brick planter that went under the front window. The back and left side of the house was blue wood siding and the right side of the house was also wood shakes.

Here's the house neeked. Ed removed the shakes above the garage and on the side of the house. He also sledge hammered the brick on the front of the house and around the garage (along with the help of some friends). The steps and driveway were also removed, along with the retaining wall by the turn around.

And here's the final outcome. Front and back. New driveway and steps, new siding thanks to Mr. Bill, a new retaining wall thanks to Ed, and new wood chips in the front bed thanks to the willow tree.


Ed said...

i would totally live there! wait... i do!

heather said...

looks awesome!!

Cheeky said...

And Alina peeking out the front window--hah!

When does the "For Sale" sign go up?

Hillary said...

Oh wow! Jean and Ed, it looks FANTASTIC! Yay you! That's SO much work!

Jean said...

I'm glad you live there too. :)

thanks heather! :)

she was asking where my coat was when i came inside..

sign goes up in two to three months. Inside work is now taking place.

Thanks Hillary! :)

Anne said...

It's like a brand new! house! :)