Friday, November 11, 2011

through the eyes

Have you ever experienced wonderment and curiosity through the eyes of a child? To see their eyes light up? To watch awe and amazement dash across their face?

I had the pleasure of that and so much more today.

When we lived in Seattle, I had introduced Alina to Michael's craft store. She lived and breathed crafts. After the first visit, she deemed it Craft Heaven. When it was set in stone that we were moving back to Michigan, I told her about a store three times the size of Michael's. Her eyes grew as big as saucers. To comprehend such a thing was unimaginable in her mind. She asked when we moved back, if we could go visit this place. Hobby Lobby.

It has been three months since we've been back and today was our first visit. I completely forgot there was a Hobby Lobby on this side of town until a coworker told me a few weeks ago.

Today there was no school, so we went out as a family to see a movie. I knew before going that that the movie theatre we were going to was right by Hobby Lobby, but did not mention this little fact. As we turned onto the street of the theater, I quietly told Ed, "I wonder how long it will be before Alina realizes that there is a Hobby Lobby right here."

No sooner where the words out of my mouth that this very excited, high decibel voice cries out, "HOBBY LOBBY! I see Hobby Lobby! Can we please go?"

After the movie, we ventured over to Hobby Lobby for Alina's "first" experience. She went there as a wee tike, but didn't remember. We walked in the door and she was speechless.

She opened every box she saw, touched snowmen, passed the U of M display (we trained her well), walked up and down the party aisles, perused the furniture, turned on and off all the lamps that were plugged in. Gently glided her fingers over the mosaic mirrors, tried on the Hawaiian leis, sat on every bench possible, opened umbrellas, smelled the artificial flowers, and deemed Ed the king with a wire crown.

We were there for over an hour and didn't even make it to the craft section.

Having the privilege of walking beside her and experiencing wonderment was something I will never forget. I heard over and over again, "look mom! Look at this one! Let's sit here. Ooooooo look at this!" It made me smile over and over again seeing her shine.

We didn't buy a single thing and she was so full from experiencing the store. God created her to be creative and seeing her in a place where so many creative things were was seeing raw joy.

And nothing compares to watching your child delight in who God created her to be.