Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Our revamped living room: pictures

Last Saturday night and sunday morning Ed and I worked on our living room. Our living room used to be the color of dry dirt. It was tanish, brownish, beigish color with a lovely meadow border on the top that we absolutely loved. We loved it so much, we tore it down :) Our walls are now lemon freeze on one wall, and creamy yellow on the other two walls. it's so much cheerier. For the longest time, we had no pictures on the walls or curtains on the windows. This past weekend that all changed. We bought sheet metal that was painted a terra cotta color, bought mats and put magnets on the backs of them to hold pictures on the sheet metal.

Revamp: curtains

We had the beige, old fashioned draperies on the windows that we couldn't wait to get rid of. Ed, who is the color picker outer of all items (my clothes, paints, furniture, etc.) found these scarfs and hooks to hang them on. It took me about two and a half hours to put them up as I'm such a left brainer and have to have everything semetrical and even or it drives me crazy. So after lots of exercise up and down the step stool, the scarfs turned out looking smashing and so well worth the time and energy it took to put them up.

My sweet man

So, after having a nasty headache and not the best of days, my husband Ed, sent this to me to cheer me up. What a guy!! He makes me oozy all over with his sweetness to me.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Who I am

I'm sitting here trying to decipher all of this html lingo and fumbling through how to work this blog. I'm not a writer, poet or deep thinker. And most of all, I am not a computer genius. So if this works, I will be amazed, as this is another thing I am learning.