Sunday, November 18, 2007

running on fumes

Not quite sure how I'm functioning right now. It was 9:30 (MI time) yesterday morning when we got up. It was 9:30 (MI time) when our plane landed this morning. I thought I'd get some sleep on the plane from Seattle to Minnesota (it took off at 3:55 a.m. MI time), but it was SO turbulant, I vowed never ever to fly again. At one point the plane dropped, so did my stomach and all contents that were in it (which wasn't much). I prayed and prayed more and prayed some more. I was shaking as I was so nervous but kept continuing to pray. The stewardess' had to stop serving drinks and had to sit down and buckle in as it was so bad. The landing couldn't come soon enough.

Thank Jesus the flight from Minnesota to home was SO smooth I even fell asleep during take off that when we were in the air, I thought we were still on the ground. It was the smoothest flying I have ever experienced.

We got home and two hours later the kids were here and life has continued like we never left. Though...did we ever leave?


Hillary said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry the flight was so bad... but glad you're home safe and sound! If I was there I'd totalyl babysit for you while you got some much needed napping in! Looking forward to hearing more about the weekend!

Jean said...

We got a short two hour nap before the kids came home. Course last night we were in bed by 7:30 and dragged ourselves out at 7:15 this morning. :)