Friday, November 16, 2007

It's 6:30, woke up at 5:00. Body says it's 9:30 and actually slept in until 8:00 :)

Todays a busy day of having our brains stuffed with information of which we'll need to munch on later when we can poke them to let it all out.

Really short post today. Time to head back over to the non-smoking Denny's for a Moon Over Mi-Hammy. :)


Anne said...

I heard there are a lot more non-smoking restaurants on the West Coast...I might be a little jealous of that!

Have a good day today--learn lots!

heather said...

moon over mi-hammy! That's funny!

i hope your day is productive and not too overwhelming!

Cheeky said...

Denny's--didn't they used to have a commercial that said "$1.99, are you outta your mind?"

Enjoy every minute!

Hillary said...

hehe, it's funny to hear people surprised at non-smoking restaurants! I just kinda assumed that was the case everywhere. In Vancouver, every restaurant/bar/club is non-smoking. No smoking sections to be found! I definitely take it for granted, apparently! :)

Also, are there Dennys in other parts of the states, or is that just a west coast thing?

Jean said...

It is surprising that every restaurant we've been in has been non smoking. Denny's is across the country Hills, but in MI, they're usually filled with smoke clouds.

I thought Ed was kidding when he told me about moon over mi hammy, but sure enough...there it was on the menu. :)

Yes! I think you're right Cheeky :)