Wednesday, November 21, 2007

by the skin of my teeth

I thought for sure today's post wasn't going to happen. With our internet being down since Monday afternoon, after several calls to Comcast, they could get someone out here on Saturday. I knew I could scream and stomp my foot and whine, but it wouldn't do any good in getting someone out here sooner. Plus, I really wouldn't do that. So, the secret weapon was used.


He has a way of making things happen. I'm too soft and squishy and don't want to be a bother. He's tough, uses a firm voice and doesn't back down. Heck...he fires and hires people at his job.

For some reason there was a spot open for today (why that spot wasn't open yesterday, who knows). And the guy was here two hours before the scheduled time, was speedy, fixed the problem and was on his way.

Thank you my handsome rescuer! I can now squeak in my post, talk to the outside world, and of course work. Right on!


Ed said...

It was so hard watching your frustration. You wanted to work. You wanted to talk with your friends. You needed the outside world, and the outside world needed you.

Jean said...

thank you for being a rock and making that happen. I love you :)

Anne said...

Hooray Super-Ed! Did you wear your Super Cape?

Jean said...

"No capes" (quote from movie)

anyone anyone?

Cheeky said...

I totally understand your internet incapabilities--I'm dreading snow--snow flakes cut off our ability to connect to the (neighbor's) internet

Jean said...

Probably a good thing you were in NJ yesterday as it snowed here. :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!