Friday, November 30, 2007

bone chilling

This morning the kids were up at 6:15. "It SNOWED outside! MOM! MOM!" From my cozy, toasty bed, I groggly said, "please go back to bed!". They were not to happy with me.

I like snow. I like looking at it from a sitting position. Inside the heated house. With a steamy cup of rich hot chocolate topped with bobbing marshmallows.

I'm becoming less and less a fan of the cold weather. It hurts my bones. Especially those days where it's SO cold out, when you breathe, it instantly freezes your nose hairs.

The kids on the other hand don't care how cold it is. And they don't care that I don't like it. So I suck it up and go outside. Of which I need to do right now. Alina is walking around with the bag of carrots (for the snowman's nose) saying, "come ON mom! Let's go get my snowsuit! MOOOOOOOOOOM!"

So off I go to the frozen outside. The driveway is calling to be shoveled and we'll see if we can make a snow man with the little snow there is.


Hillary said...

Sounds like the temperate climate of Seattle is calling your name! :) I only first discovered that nosehairs COULD freeze on a ski trip in university! I'd never been in weather that cold before that! ;) said...

Seriously. I am so glad we live in Portland right now. It's raining like crazy but not cold enough to snow, and hopefully won't be (ever, or at least) for awhile longer. I don't do freezing very well.