Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 out of 4

The other three have already posted about our Chicago trip, so you can go to their blogs and read their hilarious thoughts about our trip.

I thought I would let your eyes feast on some phrases and experiences that were seen, heard and said throughout the weekend.

"You like Deeeelilah?" from neurotic, crazy cabbie driver at 11:00 on a Friday night.

"Ohhhh monkey! Don't eat that screw!!" Sarah

The two step (or a variation that was learned) being done waiting for the L and walking down the street by Hillary.

$3 lunch at Higgins Tavern.

"That's a lot of fried food on one plate." Said by each of us at one time or another sitting at Giordano's pizza.

"She's bound and determined to get a picture of a seal isn't she?"

"My picture is better than yours!!" :)

"Flip, toss, toss, toss." Glinda from Wicked.

To sum it all up, the time went waaaaay too fast, was so much fun, couldn't have been more natural meeting two lovely ladies for the first time in person and we're ready to do it all again. Very soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's finally here!!!! In less than 14 hours the train will be pulling away from the station.

Where am I going? Why to Chicago!!!
Who am I going with? Anne, Hillary and Sarah!!
What are we going to do? Eat food, talk for hours, see Wicked, and who knows what else!
Why you ask? Why NOT!?!

Sarah suggested writing what our pre-impressions are of each other as we have not met face to face. So here are mine:

I have the privilege of knowing Anne in every day life. She is a fun, sensitive, loving woman who lives her passions, has a rock solid marriage and really is married to a rock star. She has creative juices running through her blood, is always on the lookout for a good book, finds solace on the hammock with a kitty in the sun. She's a good Voice. :)

A grade 5 teacher in Canada. She is FULL of laughter and life. Her heart is so tender and compassionate to her kids at school and her friends. She loves to dance, hike, camp, and travel across the world on her own. She grabs life by the horns and lives each moment to the fullest. I think her vibrancy and energy is going to easily seep into all of us this weekend.

She has a heart for teenagers (hence why she works in the youth group), loves her cat even when he/she is about to bite her, puts up with the torrents of squirrels, loves to bake, likes football (that's a guess from one of your posts Sarah), has a blast with her friends, is close with her family and laughs. A lot.

We all have been looking forward to this weekend for what seems like months. I have to say though that my mother and mother in law have been asking all sorts of questions about "the others" who I am meeting. I can understand their concern,
but I have no qualms about this weekend what so ever. More excitement at meeting people I know in person!!

Which leads to realizing that I need to do laundry and pack still.
Looking forward to seeing you ladies tomorrow!!!! ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A new memory

Earlier this week, I was reading through the Advance paper, that is
placed in our mailbox on Wednesdays, and my eye caught a picture of our
city's symphony. It brought back memories when Ed and I were dating,
and he would take me to hear the symphony. The music stirs me. To the
point of tears. It soothes me and I feel like I am being bathed in
solitude and quietness. I could sit for hours with my eyes closed
basking in the crescendo's, let the feel of the soul of the music glide
right over me. To hear notes on a page come alive to the point of being
able to see the journey you are being taken on. So, all that to say
that I love listening to a live symphony.

I was able to feel all of this today. And I was able to take it a step further by exposing our children to it. The article in the paper above was about the symphony performing a Lollipop concert. I read on curious as to what this was about. The reading of Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin by Lloyd Moss was going to be acted/played by the symphony. Our son was given this book by one of our friends who is a band teacher in IL and it has become one of the favorites in our home to be read.

With Ed in the UP this weekend, I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get out of the house, learn something new and have fun doing it, experiencing one of the things I enjoy, and doing all of this with our kids.

To sum it up, it was enjoyed by all three of us. We were able to talk about the different types of instruments, how the music made us feel during different points in the concert, and learned to see with our ears the book being read.

It was a great way to start the weekend and a memory I will carry with me forever.

Friday, March 16, 2007

kiss me*, i'm Irish

With St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, my Irish heritage shines extra bright. Not green mind you, but a nice hue of orange.
Admiration and awe mingle when I think of my dad, at the young age of 21,
venturing on a ship from N. Ireland to come to America with his friend.
Hearing stories of my grandfather, whom I never met, working as a milk man. Of my great grandfather being a lamp lighter. Of my father as a bread delivery man forBrusters Bread. Having explored with my husband the land I am a part of, and learned more of my ancestry by walking, hearing, tasting Irish culture. Being able to pass on this heritage to our children.
And the food. Penguins (not live ones mind you...), dulce, crisps, shortbread, snowballs, fish and chips smothered in gravy, orangina, biscuits, flake bars, Quality Street candy, the potatoes my Aunt Jennifer makes, Cadbury, tea sandwiches, scones, HP sauce.
Learning how to say "cow" with the correct intonation based on what county my relatives live in. Smiling every time Michigan is said (more likeMitchigan instead of Mishigan). Hearing the wee ones talk in the Irish cadence that makes my words seem so flat.
Oh to go back. To glimpse the ocean in Port Stewart. To see the boat yards
in Belfast. To smell the sea side. To hear the various lilts of voices.
To sit and chat with cousins, aunts and uncles.
Being able to say I am an Irish lass and am very proud of who I am.
I just may have to put the dual citizenship to use....

*Ed only please. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

odd day

Today the weather dock on my computer says it is 71 out.
I am wearing a pair of capris.
I did not wear a coat outside.
My exercise for the day was shoveling snow.

I'm sure stranger things have happened, but to me, this seems pretty strange.

The kids are down in the valley playing in the pool (up to their knees) of melted snow. The snowpants can be washed. They can take showers. The snowpants can be washed. They can take showers. Breath in. Breath out. I. Can. Handle. This.

Friday, March 09, 2007

sense alert

I noticed some colors today while out and about that I haven't seen for
a very long time. Not really THAT long, but when all you see is white
every day for three months straight, a speck of color is noticed.

Grass. Actual, living grass. An oxymoron if I say so myself. Green grass nestled right up against the white snow.

To some, this is a very bleak color. But to me, seeing the black of the
driveway brings excitement for more outside play. The bikes can be
removed from the hangers. The scooter and assorted toys will once again
flood the garage and be in full use.

Now this color was the most exciting of all. I thought my eyes were deceiving
me. A quick detour in the vehicle proved me wrong when I saw the
movement of this color proudly displayed on the breast of a robin.

It's almost here. You could actually smell it today. Feel it in the clear,
warm air. A taste of what is to come. Almost. So close. Just out of


Sunday, March 04, 2007

A pretty pink day

Today was a pretty big pink day in our home. Hello Kitty came to visit in several different ways, celebrating our princess' 3rd brithday.

Pink Hello Kitty sheets for her new big girl bed (that used to be her mommy's).

Hello Kitty pillow.

Hello Kitty cake.

Strawberry Shortcake was also added in as the princess asked for a Shortcake apron. Thankfully after 3 stores, Shortcake was spotted. Purchased. Sewn just in time. And to compliment the apron, Grandma's gifts were kid's cookbooks which we can't wait to try out!

The day ended with hand dipping in the frosting (that wasn't covered yet) and reading of her new Curious George Visits the Chocolate Factory book given by her big special friends. :)