Wednesday, May 20, 2009

through the years

One: we were such young pups starting a life together.
Two: you worked the split shift and I worked the night shift plus school.
Three: life seemed to get a bit more difficult.
Four: enjoyed adventures, camping, trips, friends and our little two bedroom apartment.
Five: our first child, first house, first new car.
Six: lots of laughter, bandages, surgeries.
Seven: we made it through the first six years.
Eight: our second child, second house.
Nine: many highs, many dreams, many adventures.
Ten: many lows, many tears, many breaks and cracks.
Eleven: a jumbled assortment of unanswered questions and non-happening events.
Twelve: thoughts, glimpses, possibilities.
Thirteen: massive change, massive move and massive life reconstructions.
Fourteen: blank pages waiting to be filled.

Fourteen years my love. I would not change any of it. These years have shaped us beyond what we ever expected. I love you so much more, so much deeper, more fully than I did the year we said I DO. We've been through hell. We've gazed at the sky on the peaks. We've changed. I would do it with none other. I am blessed to have taken your name. It represents so much dirt, tears, laughter, heartache, change, yearning, challenge, tenderness, adventure, love and hope. You are my soul mate. My life partner. My lover. My closest friend.

I love you. Happy Anniversary my love.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rivers Run Dry by Sibella Giorello

The latest book review for Thomas Nelson is called The Rivers Run Dry by Sibella Giorello.

Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is an FBI agent who is sent to Seattle from the South and has been assigned to a case involving a missing woman. While learning her new roll, a new city and surrounding areas, and how to take care of her mother while living with her eccentric aunt, you begin learning much about this strong yet struggling woman.

With lots of twists and turns and great usage of descriptive words, the pages come alive with sounds and smells of the Pacific Northwest.

I really enjoyed this book. The style of writing was amazing as the author's pen seemed to flow easily describing the Seattle area.
There was no romance what so ever and honestly, it wouldn't have fit in this book. There was no God fluff or over usage of God. It was just the right balance.
It's possible that some who pick books apart would be able to figure out who-dun-it well before the book was finished, but it wasn't until the end that I figured it out.

A very good read and I look forward to the next book in the series.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today is the first time I've been able to sit down in weeks to put words to thoughts rolling around in my noggin.

We had a very fast 10 day trip back to MI. 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents, visiting our previous church and seeing many familiar faces, Pride and Prejudice midnight tea party, potluck with friends, staying up late several evenings in a row, two sick kids on different days, and lots and lots of hugs. It was a great trip.

Coming back was much harder than I expected. Walking into church/work three hours after stepping off the plane and not recognizing many faces was difficult. Monday I made a call back to MI. She picked up the phone and the first thing she said was, "how'd your first day back go." I could barely squeak out, "hard". I said that I waited to call her while I was driving as one can't cry while driving.

It's crazy how going back everything was familiar, but distantly familiar. We drove by our old house. Seeing it sparked nothing in me. We did stop and talk to our old yellow farm house neighbors and also so our kids could see their guy "Little Sam". It was like old times, catching up and easy conversations.

How weird it was that Seattle seemed so far away, in the past while in Michigan. And jumping into life in MI was like second nature. Then we left and jumped back into life here. Such a weird parallel.

I can now say that it's good to be back. Work is phenomenal and I love it. I'm looking forward to the next months.

Slowly life is settling. I thought we had settled a long time ago, but now looking back we were only just starting. It has taken so much longer to meet people and make friends. If it wasn't for my job I would know very few people. I think I had my expectations set very high so it's much farther to fall when those expectations haven't been met.

Before we left for MI, Ed finished his first official year of school. Summer classes started this week, but they are shorter and he will be done mid July with six glorious weeks off before year two starts. I am so proud of him for sticking through this year. It was not easy by any means. Emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Growing and learning are still taking place in him, in me and in us. And I would not trade it for anything. It has been the best choice we have ever made for us.

So life revs up again. School, work, scheduling, homework, trying to stay one step ahead of the laundry and dishes. Ahhhhhh life. Absolutely love it!