Monday, October 30, 2006

a good day

You know it's going to be a good, no a GREAT, day when you can turn the furnace off, throw open the doors and windows and not be cold. It's like that touch of warmth before spring turns into summer, but instead it's fall changing into winter. One last time to wear no coat before having to don the winter duds. One last time to inhale the fragrant air before it turns to crystals. To actually feel the warmth of the sun on your face. And probably the best day for outside jobs, like putting up christmas lights, before the numbing chill of jack frost sets in and the hibernation period begins.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pumpkin Fun

Costumes were readied for the fun parade we went on Saturday in our friends' neighborhood. It was a mile walk around the "block" and ended with cider and doughnuts. There were about 30 of us (our family being the only non-neighborhood family) and it was a ton of fun walking and talking. Sam loved racing around in his costume and Alina stayed on her dad's shoulders the entire time enjoying the view from above.

After the parade, we went to our friends' house and carved pumpkins and ate quesadilla's. Our kids' pumpkins are the middle two in which Sam carved the one on the left and I carved Alina's (who wanted shapes for her face) on the right. Our friends have two older girls who adore our kids and take them under their wings whenever we come over and off they go not to be heard from for a good hour at a time. We all were on the kitchen floor, carving pumpkins while our friends were taking lots of pictures. Once again, I forgot about our camera and have no pictures to display (except for the completed pumpkins).

The kids crashed when we got home and it was nice to have that extra hour of sleep this morning after yesterdays fun filled afternoon/evening.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This weekend was a success. Friday my mom actually was on the way to church and saw one of my brothers in a parking lot at the corner of their street (waiting for my other brother), pulled in and found out what was going on. I got the call saying, "why didn't you tell me you were planning a surprise?!?" Silly mom.

Saturday we finally got mom out of the house so the cake could be decorated and food prepared for the party that night. Got the cake done (thanks Kristen!!!) with 5 minutes to spare and it went in the commercial pizza oven in the basement for safe keeping. Give-away #1 happened when by chance my mom told my sister in law that she was going to go start the pizza oven for the potatoes and was told to ask Dad to start it (fortunately dad had said where he put the cake and fortunatly mom did NOT turn the oven on!). Give-away #2 was when the table was set and mom (always one to be prepared and ahead of the game) started counting plates and found there to be more than how many people were in the house. Though she did not find out who was coming until they walked in the house.

It was a great weekend.

I'm beyond exhuasted and still have one more day to go before my man gets off that jet plane. I know I can do it. I. Can.

Monday, October 16, 2006

this week

This week is going to be one hoppin week.

Eat breakfast. This is something that doesn't take place often. Once the day gets rolling, it's easy to forget to eat. But I will eat breakfast, even if it's almost noon. :)
Read chapter for ladies group tonight. We're starting Girl Meets God. Can't wait!!
Ladies group.

MOPS. And they serve breakfast, so on this day I know for sure breakfast will make it into my stomach.
Kid duty as Ed has orienteering group this night.

Exercise. I'm trying to get back into the habit.
I'm sure the afternoon will provide something of which will require my presence.

Take Ed to airport. He's going to CO for 5 days for the John Eldredge Wild At Heart Boot Camp with two other guys from church. No phones, computers, tv's, anything. So I won't hear from him again until Sunday when he comes out of the wilderness.
Pack for weekend.

Get ready for weekend.
Help in Sam's class.
Pick Sam up from school and head to Lansing.

Fri-Sun: Thankfully my mother doesn't read my blog, so I can share what's happening this weekend. My mom's birthday was on Sat. the 14th. She turned 70 (I was a late surprise in our family). So I called all the brothers and we're throwing her a party. My dad has kept mum about this, which has been really hard for him. My mom is the one who plans everything that goes on in the house, so this will be a real shocker for her when on Friday afternoon my brother and his wife from TN show up at the door and then my brother and his wife and 4 kids from OH show up at the door. We won't get there until later. She knows that I'm coming with the kids, but nothing else. Saturday I've invited some of her friends to come and we're going to make dinner and have a party. My brother from MI and his wife and kids are going to stop by too. The only one not able to make it is my brother from FL. So, party weekend at my parents house and my mom has no clue. :) I can't wait! I still have lots to plan, phone calls to make, times to get set up, and if we pull this off, it will be amazing.

Monday: Ed comes home. YAY!!!!
So off I go to my week. I'm excited (not about Ed leaving, but for the weekend). It'll be a great week. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006


We found out a few days ago that we're going to have a new family member at our home. This came as a HUGE and unexpected surprise. We're still trying to get used to the idea of having another one around here, but it'll be great! I'm already looking forward to how much life is going to change, how much things are going to be very different.

I can't tell you how blessed and humbled we are. I cried when I found out. To find out something that we've hoped for, actually come out of the blue was amazing. This one will be welcomed with open arms into our family. Loved. Cared for.

We don't have a name for him/her yet. A name may be passed down from the parents. That's something we need to ask about.

Otherwise, we're so excited!!

Thank you D&J. A HUGE thank you for this AMAZING, AMAZING blessing. We'll take really good care of him/her and feel so privileged to have the mint green machine donn our driveway. :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This past Monday, life in the office where Ed and I work, had a different tone to it. The company we work for is pretty small. 15-17 people from receptionist all the way up to the president. So when something happens to someone, everyone knows and is affected inside somehow. This was the case Monday.

The HR, finance and everything-in-between-that-deals-with-money guy was in an accident. Different stories have been heard via family and the news, but the bottom line is, he was painting his house with the help of the youth group from his church where he's also an assistant pastor at, was up two stories on a ladder, it tipped, he jumped and got a pretty good shock through him and the teenager who was holding the ladder was electorcuted and died immediately when the ladder touched a high power voltage line.

Chris is still in the hospital, in an induced coma, bandaged hands and feet. Something was said about spine and neck injuries also. He's 36 years old. Married with four elementary aged kids.

This really put life in perspective. Life changes that fast. Split seconds and familes are changed forever. How often do I go through life thinking that everything is going great? Often. Until something like this shakes me to my core. It makes me really take a step back. To remember that I do not rule my life and everything that happens in it. To say I love you more. To give hugs to my husband, kids, family and friends more. To not get so bent out of shape over the little things. To be thankful every day for the life I have and not take it for granted. Because this week I have been reminded that life can change in the blink of an eye.