Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Fun

This past Saturday we ventured downtown to try out a place that we came across while flipping through channels one night.

Top Pot

It was actually going to be called Top Spot, but the owner said they were driving down the highway and the "S" fell off the sign (it was given to them for free), so it became Top Pot. The interior was very open and airy, but yet homey and library-ish feeling. It looked more like a coffee shop, but had the distinct smell of a doughnut shop.

These were the most amazing doughnuts I have ever had. Home made. On the box it says "Hand Forged Doughnuts". Coupled with a cup of warm apple cider, it made a great start for a chilly Saturday.

Alina had the pink frosted/pink sprinkled.

Ed and I had the Bavarian Creme filled.

Sam had a regular chocolate colored (and picked out a Husky one too).

We brought extra home to munch on throughout the next few days.

After doughnuts, we went down to the sculpture park which is along the sound. It's part of S.A.M. Seattle Art Museum. We didn't make it very far as the train track runs along the other side of the park and trains were leaving, so we stopped to watch those (mainly Sam wanted to watch them). Our hour went by really quick (the meter for the van was ticking) but it was well spent watching trains, rolling down hills and lots of running.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

music picks of a 4 year old

Yesterday on the way home from dropping Sam off at school, Alina made some music requests as we had Ed's ipod in the van with us. Her requests:

Veritgo by U2
Beautiful Day by U2
We Will Rock You by Queen (she likes the stomping and clapping)
Domino by Van Morrison
Real Gone by Sheryl Crow
Got To Be True by Steven Curtis Chapman

I forgot one on the list: Pon De Replay by Rihanna

It was quite the eclectic mix she had going.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One thing the state of Washington does not have is a Secretary of State Office. I never thought I'd see the day that I would miss these one-stop-shopping places.

It took us over six hours to renew our licenses and get new license plates for our vehicle.

Let me take you on our Friday trip.

We had received our van as a gift from my parents and on the title it said we paid $1 for it. Little did we know that this would be a huge problem.

We went to one place over a week ago to get our license plates changed. I wouldn't even call it an "office". The guy and his dog greeted us from behind the counter and informed us that we had to have the "gift-ers" fill out a piece of paper that said the van was gifted to us. Thank goodness for technology as the gift-ers are over 2000 miles away. One scan, one e-mail and in less than one minute it was sitting at their house. Two days later we received it back from them in the mail.

So Friday was our day to change our legal stuff over to be residents of the state of WA.

We went to the licensing place first. You can only get your license here. Nothing else. We had to wait through about 20 people. Both Ed and I were afraid we were going to miss our turn. You see, there were three sets of numbers going and an automated voice would call out which counter was helping which set of numbers. And it would go quick, so we had to be on our toes. We finally get up to the counter and were told that we needed proof of residency and that our car insurance slip would not constitute as a legal form of residency. Of course, that's all we had with us, as in MI, that's all you needed. So we decided to stop and get our plates and then run home to get proof of residency and then head back there.

So off we went to get our plates and found out that we needed to have proof that tax was paid on the van by the sellers before she would issue the plates. Ed had that in the van, so that wasn't a huge problem, but then she said that we also needed an emissions test on the van before she could give us anything.

So off we went to find the emissions place. By now, three hours had gone by and we didn't have a single thing. Thankfully though, we had what they requested and got the check done and paperwork signed so we could get the plates.

A stop for lunch (and gas) and back to the license plate office (of which you could also buy a cell phone in the same room, but we passed on that). Ed waited in line another 1/2 hour, showed all the paperwork and then was asked to see his Washington drivers license. Of course, we didn't have those yet, but the guy was nice enough to let it slide and we got plates. Yay for plates!

A quick drive back home to gather the right documents for the licensing place, off to get Sam from school and then to get our licenses. Who knew that the population in that office would quadruple when we walked in. There was not a seat to be seen, so we sat on the floor and had to wait through 50 people (that were in the same number sequence as us) plus those who were a part of a different group of numbers. We finally had paper licenses in hand and could now say we are residents of the state of WA.

We got back home and realized we completely forgot to register to vote. I think that we just might have to go to a different office for that.

And when all is said and done and we move from this lovely state, I think I will have one of these made out of my license plate. Just as a memento.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


1. A conversation that took place last week after I picked Sam up from school:

Me: How was school today Sam?
Sam: It was great!
Me: What is one thing you learned today?
Sam: We talked about earthquakes!
Me: That sounds cool! What did you learn?
Sam: I had gym today.
Me (to myself): Ok...he just switched the subject.
Me: What did you do in gym?
Sam: We have to stand in the closest corner.
Me: (going with the flow) Ummm...why do you have to stand in the corner?
Sam: In case there's an earthquake. That's where we're supposed to go. We practiced disaster drills.

My Michigan brain is accustomed to tornado drills. Not earthquake drills.

2. My mother-in-law noticed something I may never have. No cars around here have rust. No matter the age of them, I have literally not seen one car with any spot of rust. No snow means no salt means no rust.

3. Last night before going to bed, I did my customary check on the kids. I noticed Alina's pillow was damp either from her crying in her sleep or sweating, so I had her sit up so I could flip it over. And when I moved the pillow, a dark shadow moved. And it moved really fast across her bed. I used one of her stuffed animals to squish it and then removed it. I took it to show Ed (in a kleenex mind you) and it was the biggest spider I have seen inside a house. Scratch that. It's the biggest spider I have seen period. Bleh!! It took awhile to get to sleep last night as I couldn't stop thinking of all the spiders lurking out there (I even checked under the covers before getting into bed). So I go to get up this morning and low and behold right when I step out of bed, there's another spider. I squash that one, make my way down the hallway and there's another one! YUCK! I really dislike spiders. I hopped on the internet wondering if there are any poisonous spiders here in this beautiful state. Reading...reading...reading...all these wonderful facts about this disliked insect and that there is only one poisonous spider in WA, but it's rarely seen. The Western Black Widow. Whew! Rarely seen means hardly ever, so we should be good. Then I read that it's only found in one county. Which one would it be? The one we live in of course.
I'm feeling all crawly like now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So let the sunshine in....

I told Ed on the way to dropping him off at school, that I have been very surprised by the weather here. 99% of me was expecting it to be raining. Every day. Because that's what we were told by everyone when we said we were moving to Seattle. "Hope you like the rain!" or " rains A LOT there." So I started to think that it rains here a lot. I really didn't know any different. So waking up to cloudless blue skies and 70 degree weather the past week and a half has been quite a shock to my system. And I guess it has been a bit more rainy this summer than normal. It can go two months here during the summer before any rain falls. I know its coming though. Those rainy, cloudy days are coming. Just like in Michigan, I don't expect to see the sun for weeks at a time. I wish I could pack up a day like today to put away on a shelf for one of those rainy, dreary days when I was thirsting for some sunshine. Since I can't, I'll bask in the rays while I can and get outside as much as possible before the gloomy weather sets in.

In other news, we've landed at a church. It's actually the one we visited last week (with the smoke machine...though no smoke machine this past Sunday). It's a bit different than what we're used to, but it's going to be a good experience. We're both excited to find a place to land, get involved in and the kids love it (which is such a hugely important aspect).

Now if only I could find a job as easily! Not much of a market for a 7 year stay at home mom who's degree doesn't mean much now that it's almost 10 years old. But the search continues and I know there is something right up my alley out there. Just have to find the right alley. :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sam started 2nd grade on Wednesday. He looked so small getting out of the van and walking towards his room. It's still hard to wrap my brain around having a 2nd grader. He made fast friends and seems to really love it at this new school. We're so excited for this year and how much he is going to learn and grow. It is so different than the past two schools he has been at. Everyone is so friendly and the principal even knows Sam, Alina, Ed and I by name and people even greet us that we don't even know. This is a small balm with not knowing anyone here and helps to start making this feel like home.

Ed and I attended Vespers last night at his school. I was able to meet students that Ed attends classes with and some of their wives. It was a time of hearing from some staff and the president as to why they continue to come back every year. We also met in small groups and talked about our journeys of how we came to the school and what brought us here. There was also a time of singing and listening to 2nd and 3rd year students read of how their lives have changed in the short time they have been here. Last was prayer for the students in each program. MDIV students and spouses, Counseling students and spouses and Christian Studies students and spouses. It was a tremendously moving evening despite being very tired.

Tonight is the neighborhood dinner at a students house where we will meet others that live in our area. Looking forward to meeting more people.

Tomorrow is convocation with a worship time and communion, then a picnic for all students and staff.

The parents head home tomorrow night. Their help the past two weeks has been tremendous and we will miss them.

Ed started working Wednesday, doing inspections for the company he worked for back in Michigan. He has two more inspections to do today, so they are keeping him busy!

Job front on my end is still slow. Lots of jobs out there, but not many for a stay at home mom for the past 7 years. Still looking daily though and continuing to pray for patience and guidance.

That's all from this side of the country!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our house

So we found a house after crashing at Jason and Mandy's (thanks again...a ton you two) with a day to spare before the big 'ole semi came. I don't really have any pictures of moving in day b/c:

1. It was Ed and I who moved everything off the semi, with the help of our amazing mover Dennis and his wife. He pulled up and said, "Where's all your help?" Our reply, "You're looking at it." It went really smooth and only took 4 1/2 hours to unload everything.

2. All our things had to go into the garage rather than the house as the carpets were going to be cleaned the next day. So moving went in stages. Truck to garage. Garage to house. Contents to cupboards, crevices, shelves. Any place that was open, something went in it.

Here is one picture of our kitchen/eating area before it started being unpacked.

We're more settled now than we were a week ago thanks to Hillary, my parents and Ed's mom. It's been quite the two weeks!

The kitchen/dining area. Ed bought a wire rack and a microwave stand (and a microwave) as I ran out of cupboard space fast. I do miss my other kitchen, but am settling in well here.

The green room. This is off the kitchen/eating area and warms up pretty good from the eastern sunrise (and brightens up really early in the morning too).

A picture from the green room one of our first mornings here.

The living room is where Ed's office is, the piano and the couches. It's a nice cozy place with lots of books to be read. It has two pocket doors, so the room is able to be closed off when necessary.

Our bedroom. I thought our bedroom at the other house was huge. We rattle around in this one. I told the kids when company comes, they can come sleep in our closet. Or any of you with babies that come and visit us, your child will be sleeping in the closet.'s big enough for a pack and play (which I brought with) and room to walk around it. Not because your child deserves to be sent to the closet. :)

Our very green bathroom attached to our room. Glad I don't dislike green. The kids have been in the tub more than I have.

Exterior of the house. Front and back. I took the mountain pictures today as I wanted to preserve them for all the cloudy days that we will have coming up. Either the clouds or the townhouses being built behind will come first. I think if I owned this house and lived here, I would be sick to my stomach losing this view to a two story row house that will be four feet from the back fence. So sad.

So there you have it. Our casa for the next few years. So come whenever you like. You will have a place to lay your head, a table to eat some food and some company that would love to see you.

1st Day of School

Today starts a journey for Ed that was placed on his heart years and years ago.
To become a counselor.
He talked about going back to school well before Sam was born.
Today he is taking the first step of a desire God seared inside of him so many years ago.
It has been quite the journey getting to today. Years of finding himself. Times of hardship. Times of growth. Today he was ready.
I am so excited for him that after over a decade (and then some), he will be learning about what he loves. That he is starting something that we have talked about for years. I know his heart is going to be stretched. Our marriage is going to be stretched. We are going to learn a lot of new things over the next three years. There are going to be sacrifices. A lot of sacrifices. But in the end, I know it will be worth it. It already has been worth it. To know he's going to be able to do what he absolutely loves makes it all worth it.
We are exactly where God wants us.
We are ready for the ride.

Monday, September 01, 2008

church: week 2

Yesterday we visited yet another church we found on-line. We had one picked out, but after doing some searching on their site, I realized that they use a video to teach the kids (which I'm not at all against, but to use it every single Sunday I don't necessarily agree with). So we went to our 2nd choice. Of which after doing some searching on their site, noticed that the sermon series was exactly what Jill posted about last week! We were very skeptical. So we went back to church #1, then church #2 and finally decided on church #2.

It was loud.
A complete 180 from last weeks church.
They used a smoke machine during the songs (of which we only knew one).
We met the pastor, the children's director, teachers and people actually said hello to us (and smiled while doing it!).
My parents even met people we didn't meet.
The drummer was on a jazz kit but it was absolutely, amazingly miked so well that it sounded like a full set (After the service I told him his drumming was great. He said thanks and that he broke two drum sticks playing. My response, "Sweet!").
The kids had a blast.
We found out it's a Nazarene church.
The song the sermon was on was It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down and it rocked (even made my mom jump when the full band came in). The sermon was based in Daniel 3. Great sermon too.
I think we'll be going back again.