Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reivew of God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh

Girls long to be loved and adored, and give their heart to their hero. God is that hero! The characteristics focused on in this Bible storybook will help your little girl blossom into the princess she was created to be. Virtues to create beauty such as compassion, sharing, and truth are highlighted in fun and engaging ways. The perfect format for girls to learn about their destiny as a daughter of their King.

With having a five year old daughter who loves princesses, this was a perfect fit. A nightly ritual. She reminds me when I forget. It took a few nights to realize that each section is color coded. At times the Bible stories begin in the middle of the story, so that's a bit confusing for her, but we are able to discuss what the story is about. I do like the follow up pages to the story which includes questions that she can easily relate to and at times there are little skits to act out to bring home the point that she is a true princess of the King. Also, I like how the point is emphasized a lot that you don't have to be beautiful on the outside to be loved which.

This book is a great springboard tool to open up discussions about inner beauty, life and God. I'd recommend it. :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

house hunting

At the beginning of June, we started house hunting again. We've been hoping to move closer to the kids' school and be in a more central location so we aren't driving so much. We did well finding the house we are currently in with having four days to find one when we moved out here, but we needed to be closer to where our lives are currently taking place.

Craigslist is the place to look for rentals here, so we were scouring it two, three, four, five times a day as you didn't know when a new place would pop up (and they go SUPER fast...within a day). Every house was either surrounded by trees (I've been really struggling depression wise with having a dark kitchen where you need to turn the light on even in the middle of the day as the kitchen is my haven and it's been the last place I want to be..not good) so those were out, it was on a busy street, or the neighborhood wasn't the greatest.

Then we found the house. We walked through it once. Waited a week, talked about it. Prayed about it. And walked through it again. Ed loved it and was oh so patient as I was still hesitant and didn't want to move forward until we were both ready. We talked to the owners. Talked to the realtor. Everything fell into place. Then this past week we signed the lease. We absolutely love the house. It is bright. Has colors on the walls that we love (currently we live in a white house except the bathroom which is mustard), and it is exactly 4.4 miles to the kids' school and 4.4 miles to church. All back roads. We feel it's where we're supposed to be. The owners (through the realtor) said they believe God dropped us there to rent from them and are so excited we'll be taking care of their house.

The house has not been a rental and was the owners' first house together so they have updated mainly everything. It's on a dead end circle which means no traffic which means the kids can actually go out of the driveway without worrying of being hit by a car. The neighborhood is a diverse range of ages and we look forward to meeting our new neighbors. We'll be able to take our time moving as we take possession July 23rd, but don't have to be out of our current place until the end of August (but will more than likely be out by the middle).

So between moving, VBS in 9 days, working 80+ hours over the next two weeks, it'll be pretty silent around here. You may see another post or two as there are some more changes that will likely pop up over the next few weeks. And I'll put up pictures of the new place once we're in.