Monday, November 26, 2007

The countdown!

Five days and counting!!
Until what you may ask?
The end of NaBloPoMo?
Well, yes, but that has been fun and I hope to continue posting daily even after it is done (now that I'm in the habit). :)
But in 5 glorious days, the Let It Snow Reading Club begins at the local library! I look forward to this each year. A goal to fill up my bingo sheet! To read books that I usually wouldn't read. I have yet to fill up a sheet, but this year is the year.
Ooooo (rubbing hands together in glee) I can't wait!!
In the words of my friend Hillary, "SQUEEEE!"


heather said...

sounds fun! I've never done it - maybe this year is the year...

Hillary said...

Jean! You crack me up!!! I *do* kinda use that word a lot, eh? It's just SO GOOD!

The book club sounds fun! I really should find something like that, too!

Anne said...

So, what's the prize for that bingo sheet deal anyway? I could totally win.... ;)

Cheeky said...

nuh UH! I can't believe I missed this...although I have been out of town and haven't been to the library in over a week. OVER A WEEK! I, too, love the bingo--let me know if you read any amazing books!

Jean said...

Yes Heather...this is the year for you! :)

It really is a good word Hillary. :)

Prize for filling your sheet up is a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant.

Oh no didn't miss it at all. It starts this coming Friday, Dec. 1st.