Monday, November 12, 2007

new found word

Roil: To be in a state of turbulence or agitation.

I thought roil was something between boil and rumble. But turbulence or agitation much better describes the state my stomach was in at 3:30 this morning.

This has happened before. When I ate steak. It knocked me off my feet the next day to the point where I was living in the bathroom thinking there was nothing left to come out of me, but stuff somehow managed to be found.

This time it was meatballs. And this time I told myself to throw up as that would make the sick process go much faster. And it sure has.

I also told myself to suck it up as I needed to watch the little one year old today and that I had to make it through and was already praying for strength. 10 minutes later my phone rang and it was her mom saying she was staying home today. I was floored, humbled, in awe and so very thankful that my prayer was answered and not like I expected it to be. I went and crawled back into the toasty bed.

So today I have been feasting on GU2O and Pepto tablets. My tummy is now rumbling with hunger instead of agonizing pain. My back started hurting (just like it did last time), so I knew everything was almost over.

I think my body is telling me not to eat beef. It's not something we eat a lot of, maybe once a month, hence the reason it rejects it in the most horrible way possible.

Of course my favorite treat is prime rib. Oh how I love thee and will miss thee.


Anne said...

Well, as much as it stinks, I guess it's good that you've figured it out, huh?

Good thing you like the turkey-burger, huh?

heather said...

Anne's right - sometimes it stinks to learn the hard way about how food affects us, but at least now you know. The tricky part now is sticking with it - I can attest to that with my love/hate relationship with wheat. Glad you're feeling better!

Cheeky said...

Wow, I'm a closet beef-lovin' addict. But b/c of my family heart history, I really reign myself in on the red meats and only eat them once or twice a month.

You wouldn't have happened to eat a meatball from the CD release party? We took one from each pot to get a variety. One of them that I tasted was raw/undercooked and I immediately threw it out.

Maybe the meatball just wasn't fully cooked and you had some food poisoning? Either way, don't give up on the prime rib.

Jean said...

Yup..I'll be sticking to my ground chicken for awhile. :)

I think now that I know how it affects me, I'll be staying away for awhile.

It was a meatball from the party, but they were one's that were still frozen that couldn't fit in the crockpot (and were pre-cooked). I think if someday I have the option to eat prime rib, I'll jump at it as it's soooooo tasty! :)