Friday, March 31, 2006

the big expedition

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in MI. So, off we went to the zoo. It's still free, so that made it even better. I went with some friends and their kids. So three moms, three strollers and six kids under the age of 5 (four kids under the age of 2). It was quite a fun day. We figured out when heading out of the zoo, a list of what the boys would say that they saw, that would've been their favorite things. Listed are the main excitments they saw (we gauged this by the way they stared and sat the longest at). The tractor (it was more like a 4-wheeler) that was carting supplies around. The truck that was hauling lumber. The little waterfalls. The backhoe. The ducks (they were at the entrance so it's what they saw first and last). And the biggest thing of all was a floating stick. To all of these things, I kid you not. We all shook our heads at this and all were so very thankful we didn't waste one cent on a floating stick.


anne said...

That is so funny! The things that entertain them...Who all got to go?

Man, I wish one year I'd remember to go to the zoo. It's a nice walk!

Jean said...

Jenna + kids. Lyndsay + kids and me + kids.

You should!! Or we could take a walk to dairy queen. :)

anne said...


Well, I'm glad you guys made it in while it was still free!

Jean said...

hehe :)