Friday, March 10, 2006


So it's been awhile and I need to catch up. Here's what's been happening in life:
1. everyone is still sick. Hubby, son, daughter, mommy.
2. 2nd b-day party this past weekend with a sick little girl.
3. women's retreat last weekend that a sick mommy shouldn't have went to, but did anyway.
4. pre-school conferences.
5. kindergarten information meeting for Sam.
6. one diaper remaining in the house that has to last the entire day as the one vehicle is at work with hubby b/c son is sick, so no need to go to school today.
7. amazingly the house is clean.
8. I found a $25 Bath/Body Works gift card that I lost a year ago. Yipee!!!


anne said...

You are a crazy, busy mommy...I hope you all feel better soon!

But yay for the B&BW card! That's the best!

Jean said...

I know!! I was so excited when I found it last night! I'm almost out of that body wash you got me awhile back. LOVE that yummy stuff!! :)