Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I have 25 minutes before I can go to bed. Jay Leno is on, which I never see. While the house is sleeping, I'm still wide awake waiting for work to come in for the last few stragglers over on the west coast. So...I thought I should just let every one know my next few days as I may not be able to write.

Tomorrow consists of a friend coming over for lunch around 11, so in preparation, the house needs cleaned up. And laundry. Always laundry. Then it's band practice in the evening.

Friday I get to go pick up a free piece of 20x21 carpet at my son's preschool that they're giving away. I really don't even care what it looks like. Anything is better than dried out smushed banana in green carpet that doesn't come out. Then it's another friend coming over for lunch, Sam to school and the hubby out that night to a Hookah place (which he won't be partaking in) but to listen to music of a friend.

Saturday is a day at home.
Sunday is to church early to play and then to Lansing to see family from TN.

Naps need to get in there somewhere.

My battery is about to die. I'm going to bed early (is 11:41 really early)? :)


anne said...

Sheesh you're going to be busy, girl!! Definitely try to cram a few naps in there or you're going to crash!

Comparatively I've got nothing going on... :)

I hope you had a nice lunch today!

heather said...

whew! and just so you know - hookahs are a good time. :) My brother got out his hookah a few summers ago and my neice, who was three at the time, was dancing around singing "we're gonna have a hookah party. we're gonna have a hookah party." priceless.

Jean said...

Just woke up from a nap. Last night finally caught up with me :)

Jean said...

Interesting...I've never hookah'd before...fill me in some more..

kassi said...

11:41 is early :)