Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yay for Saturdays!!

Today starts out with our Saturday breakfast that consists of pancakes (chocolate chip mind you), scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes. Not totally healthy, but oh so fun tradition!!
Make a 9 am wake up call.
Bring up the chair and rearrange our bedroom for my little haven.
Put the carpet in the basement (free from Sam's preschool).
Finish spring cleaning. It's been in my blood all week and I HAVE to finish (or go insane if I don't. Better for the household if I finish).
Head bang to Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees.
Enjoy the family!!


anne said...

And a lovely wake up call it was... ;)

Jean said...

I'm glad :) Glad I could be of service. :)

Nathan said...

Hey Jean! Your site makes me hungry...

Jean said...

I've heard that several times. Not even close to choco doughnuts though... :)