Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks day to all!!
This is a day for corned beef and cabbage.
A day to wear orange if your protastant or green if your catholic.
A day to drink a Shamrock shake.
A day to scrounge the yard for a three leaf clover.
A day to not get pinched.
A day to get kissed.
And a day to pronounce scone the right way (rhyme it with lawn).

And you may ask, how is it you know all these tid bits? Being half Irish, I was brought up being taught to wear orange. My dad immigrated from N. Ireland. And little did I know that being a child of an immigrant, I have dual citizenship too. Anyone want to take a trip? :)

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!


anne said...

Oh baby, I'm so in. You know I'll be nanny any time you need me to. :)

I have been cyber-pinched today too. Crazy freak forgot to wear anything remotely Irish. I even have like 1/16th in me too. Sigh.

Jean said...

I think I'd leave the kids here. This is a non-kids trip. Free room and board. Stay B&B's. Tour the coast. Get ice cream in Port Stewart at the place with an Italian name. Walk out on Giant's Causeway...breath the sea air and eat some dulce!!

I think your 1/16 is your feistiness. Though you are more than 1/16 feisty. :)

anne said...

Oh that sounds like such an excellent trip.

How bout...we just tour with you!?! :) I like ice cream too.

kassi said...

I had the shamrock shake!

Jean said...

Are they as good as I've heard?

heather said...

yes! scone (scawn)!! i knew we were soul mates, jean! :)

acp said...

A Irish Michigander. How delightful. Loved your St. Patrick's day post. And I'm ready to go to Ireland at the drop of a hat--wouldn't even care if I had any luggage! What part of Northern Ireland did your father immigrate from, which of the 6 counties?

Jean said...

Oh Heather, you've relieved my heart. Another "scawn sayer"!! yay!

Jean said...

acp: He's from Londonderry. My parents are actually leaving next week for two weeks for a wedding over there. I asked if I could hide in a suitcase..