Saturday, September 23, 2006

once in a lifetime

This past Thursday, after delivering a meal to a family, Alina and I dropped by Grandma Pat's house. We are rarely over on that side of town, so I thought it would be nice to drop in and see her. Grandma Pat is not really the kids' grandma. She's their adopted grandma. When Sam was born, we lived right next to Grandma Pat and Grandpa Chris. We shared the same driveway. I could hear her on the phone, sitting in my own house. That's how close our houses were. We also attended the same church (and still do).

Then we moved when I was pregnant with Alina. And the couple who bought our old house actually go to our church too. And we knew the husband when he was in jr. high and high school when we lived in Lansing. Small world.

So as I was leaving, Brian came out and said hi. Grandma Pat said, "you should see what they've done to the house." Brian said, "Come on in and see."

I was hesitant at first. I didn't want my memories to be changed from what I remember our house to look like. But that hesitation didn't last long. How often do you get to see your old place, all redone? I've been wanting to see what they've done to the house as we'd always get reports from Grandma Pat and Grandma Chris to what they were doing over the past 2 1/2 years. So I stepped in.

Everything was different. Well, not everything. There were some things that were the same. The kitchen floor, counter tops, stove, light (our favorite light that I wanted to bring with us) and our old bedroom floor. Oh, and the bathtub. Everything else was different. Different colors, different rooms, added rooms, finished rooms. The basement was totally refinished. What was mint green cinder block walls was now a deep brown drywall, asbestos tile floor was now carpet. An added office. A finished upstairs with added marble bathroom. Hardwood floors. It was beautiful. I was shocked. All's I kept saying was, "You guys did an amazing, amazing job!!"

It was a totally different house. Even the outside. But my memories didn't change, of which I'm glad. I still remember moving-in day. Bringing Sam home. Redoing the kitchen the week of Christmas and setting up the tree with a refrigerator and stove in the living room (it was a small living room, so it made for a fun time). Ed putting in new basement windows. Painting the bathroom a pink color that sure looked different in the store. Moving-out day. Walking through an empty house and crying b/c I didn't want to leave, as I didn't have any memories of our new house. That house was all I knew. It was heart wrenching.

But walking through it on Wednesday, I realized that I didn't miss it. I'm glad Brian and Katie love it as much as we did. Brian said they're going to redo the kitchen and will give us the light as the brushed nickle wouldn't match the stainless steel appliances they would get. I didn't say no. :)

Some day maybe the old owners of our house will come through. I'd let them in as we know them since we go to the same church. Again. Small world. There's still a lot, A LOT, that we want to do to our place. But that's a whole different post.


woran said...
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anne said...

I totally hear what you're saying. It was so weird to walk through our old place after it had been repainted and was all different.
I would love to have the past owners walk through our house now! Imagine what they would say!?

Jean said...

I think the old owners would have a heart attack after seeing your house. You two have done SO much!!

Carbon said...

I lady who grew up in the house we live in, happen to be visiting someone and struck up a conversation with me. I invited her in and she too was hesitant but she was glad she did. She said that she's happy that the house was able to house a young family to create many wonderful memories like she had growing up there. How nice.

Jean said...

i'm sure she so appreciated your hospitatlity and to see all that you've done. :)