Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today I was amazed. More than once. With people I didn't even know, talking to them, hearing their words. It started with a call to a home of several kids (14 to be exact) that were in an accident this past Sunday (apx. 6 were in the accident). Mom and two kids are still in the hospital and they needed meals. I talked to one of the older daughters and received all the information I needed to start making my calls.

Call one: This family was "near and dear to her heart" she said and could take more meals if needed.

Call two: She was so willing. After giving all information a comment came to my ear that said, "I was a part of that accident." Out of the blue. Totally not expecting it. I asked what happened and she told me. My heart broke. I could tell she was trying to keep it together. I wanted to reach through the phone and give her a big hug. I could relate, in a way, of knowing you've caused pain to someone in a car crash. I think it's one of the worst feelings in the world. She said the mom was one amazing lady of God and wanted this woman to know that it was going to be ok. And completely forgave her. I was speechless and I could tell she felt the wrought, raw, incomprehensible emotions of knowing you have done something painful and yet be fully forgiven. I literally had the chills.

Call seven and nine: "I saw that accident on the way to church. I will definitely take them a meal."

Call 11: "That's odd. I'm taking a meal to someone who got in an accident on Sunday too. Sounds like someone different though." As we chatted and she asked some more questions, we realized that the family she was taking a meal to was my call #2 family that was in the accident too.

Not one person was put out by taking a meal for 9-10 people. I can't even describe the emotions that rolled through me. Awe, shock, sadness, grief are some that describe that hour on the phone. Tears, chills, shakes were the physical emotions I went through. Everyone was intertwined some how and yet didn't even know each other.

It was amazing to see God work through each phone call and see people reach out to others whom they didn't even know, to care and not shy away from a challenging situation. That, to me, is showing Christ's love. What an honor and humbling experience it is to watch it happen before my eyes.


amelia said...

Very amazing! I love seeing biblical community at work like that.

Jean said...

It has been amazing to witness. And because people are caring for others, who knows who it will touch. What ripple affect it will have.

heather said...

thanks for sharing! i love to see the Lord working in his church in that way - it makes ABC feel a lot smaller, huh? thank you for sharing - i love to hear stories of how God is working...how cool that you got to witness him working.

Jean said...

it has just humbled me b/c here are people who are reaching out to a family and blessing them and I'm being blessed by Him in seeing Him move and all's I'm doing is making phone calls. :)

I was told when I took over heading up this ministry that I'll be blown away by God in so many different ways. How true that is.