Thursday, September 21, 2006

a full day

Today's agenda includes:

1. Take Ed to work. We've been SOOOOO spoiled with having two vehicles for the past week. We've been a one car family for the past 9-10 years. Thanks SO much A&A!!! I hope it felt loved this past week while you were gone. :)

2. Work. No explanation for that one.

3. Make dessert

4. Take Sam to school.

5. Go to store to pick up storage containers and bread for meals.

6. Deliver meal to family that just had baby. Hearty chicken noodle soup, french bread, salad and dessert.

7. Home to work some more.

8. Wait at bus stop for Sam.

9. Airport to pick up friends.

10. Back home with said friends so said friends can take their meal and well-loved car home and go to sleep.

11. Pick up Ed.

12. Off to coffee house to hear some amazing music by local musician.

13. Eat dinner in there somewhere.

14. Crash in bed. :)


Carbon said...

Tales of a busy mother :)

anne said...

Said friends have not yet eaten their meal as they went to bed without dinner instead. It shall be a much appreciated lunch today. You are a wonderful friend. And said car felt good to be well used in our absence.

Jean said...

Isn't that the truth Maki. :)

I'm glad you're home and have lunch for this dreary, yucky day. :) I'm glad the car gave good reports. ;)

Kassi said...

Ineed that day. Lets switch!

Jean said...

Sounds good to me Kassi! :)