Monday, September 04, 2006

a new adventure

Tomorrow is the start of a new phase of adventures in our lives. Sam starts Kindergarten. All the paper work is finished (his note home said that all his paper work is a ticket to get into school tomorrow). We still need to decide what package of pictures to buy. I just can't believe how much there is and school hasn't even started yet! AND I had to have him sign that he'll use the computers in the right way (no going to illegal websights, etc, etc, etc). His first official document that he has had to sign. Crazy.

So the gym shoes have his name on them, his cut off long sleeve paint shirt has his name proudly displayed on the front in big bold letters. He has his box of kleenex, markers and crayons all set to go. His Franklin name tag is setting out ready to be pinned on his shirt.

Ed took tomorrow as his floating holiday so we could have a big take-Sam-to-school day starting with his favorite breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes. I'd like to make a tradition for first days of school.

He'll be gone from 12:20 until he gets off the bus at 4:12 where we will all be waiting with camera ready.

I hope he loves school. I hope he loves to learn to read, to add, to tell time on a non-digital clock, to make words come to life when writing sentences, to see and experience where other people live around the world, to be an amazing friend, leader, confidant, to learn about life.

Tomorrow starts a new adventure for him. An adventure that will lead him through many struggles, achievements, lows, highs, successes, disappointments, life. School will shape a part of him that neither Ed or I can. But being along side of him through every aspect will be an adventure too. It will shape us. And we will learn together.

We are both ready to start a new phase of exciting unknowns with our son. And he is MORE than ready to tackle school head on and start this new adventure in his life.


amelia said...

I still can't believe he's that old already. Makes me want to squeeze my little one and tell her to never grow up! Sigh. Have fun tomorrow! I love your idea of first day of school traditions!

anne said...

Bring your kleenex along with you... :)

He is going to do great and love it so much! You'll have fun learning along with him too!

Cheeky said...

Happy first day of school Sam! Mmmmm, choc chip pancakes...yum. Remember when school was all about what was on your lunch box or which trapper keeper you picked out? And life was like totally over if someone else had the same one as you. Now it's all about the backpack I guess. Can't wait to see pix and we'll look forward to all the stories. Sounds like a good excuse for a new blog chronicling Sam's adventures?

Jean said...

amelia: squeeze that little one every day. It goes by in the blink of an eye. Literally.

anne: I'll have one tucked up my sleeve. But probably won't have time to use it as both camera and video cameral will be in use. I'm guessing his favorite part of school will be recess and snack time. :)

cheeky: I didn't realize till this morning that there were no chocolate chips in the house. So it was blueberries instead. Ah...the trapper. I can hear the velcro being ripped apart in my distant memory. And you are right on target about it being mortifing if someone had the exact same one as you. What a great idea about a school blog...hmmm...

Carbon said...

Oh wow, I don't want my kids to grow up and go to school... boo hoo. I want them to be babies forever. sniff sniff.

I'm sure he'll love school. I'm sure that you and Ed projecting that school is a good place to learn many things will make him more eager to go and be there. Good luck buddy :)

Jean said...

I hear you on the staying babies forever. It's crazy fast how they grow. Keep squeezing them tight.