Thursday, August 24, 2006


Today has been CRAZY!!! And I'm wired from it. I've been blabbing and blabbing on the phone to whomever decides to call. If you don't want your ear talked off, please don't call because I'm in a blabby, chatty mood today.

The day started out normal. I woke up. that's about all that was normal. I got a WONDERFUL massage from my amazing husband (was that only this morning?!?). I even got a SHOWER!'s true. I squeezed in a shower this morning. Amazing. I know. I worked and was done in time to clean the house. Sam was picked up to go play at a friends house and even before he was out of her van at their house, he slipped and sliced his head open (which now matches his sisters' when she fell off the top of the back of the couch and landed on the fireplace..yeah..not fun), and he even proposed to his little friend in the hot tub at their house, but she turned him down. Broke my heart. :( Though..they're only 5, so I guess there's still time for her to change her mind.

I got caught up on e-mails and then enjoyed a feast of mac and cheese with Alina for lunch. Sam came home, both went to bed, I read a book. Nothing too exciting there. I then checked my e-mail and saw that I have two more families to plan meals for (I head up the meals ministry at our church and if someone is not in a small group and needs meals either for medical reasons or birth of a baby or what ever, it's my job to schedule meals to be delivered to them from other people in the church. I LOVE doing it. It's a huge passion of mine). So anyway, I have four different families I'm doing now, which is a lot, but I'm up to the challenge.

Ed comes home early to pick Sam up and off they go to a park so Ed can use his new GPS to map out a trail for his orienteering group that'll be starting up. 20 minutes later I get a call from him asking if by chance my keys were in the glove box. "Nope" I said, "they're right here. Did you lock the keys in the truck". "Ummmm. Yeeeeahhhh". So then it was frantic calling (as I could hear Sam screaming in the background b/c it was pouring rain and lighting and he didn't like that very much) around to find someone to come pick up the keys at our house to take out to him (as we only have one vehicle). I found a friend who was coming home from vacation and had been driving for hours and they were so gracious to stop by and help out. That was all taken care of. I got a call an hour later from one of the families I left a desperate plea on the answer machine for help to see if we were all set. So sweet they are!

I get a call from my neice about a march-a-thon for her marching band fund raiser. Of course I couldn't say no as I remember vividly the days of going door to door selling sausages for Thanksgiving and hating every minute of it. So of course I said yes. I talked to her mom for a bit. Got off the phone, got a call from Ed asking to call and order pizza for he and Sam to stop and eat and while on the phone, my other brother called who's driving to MI from OH with his family and made plans for tomorrow evening to get together with them. And then I called Ed back to make sure I was ordering the right thing as it was a fast conversation and I didn't remember much b/c Alina just decided to jump from a stool to the couch and missed the couch. yeah. not good. So while on the phone with Ed, my other friend called to make sure everything was ok. Called pizza's in and called her back and just rambled away. She probably thinks I'm loco. Yeah..I could be. I'm so wound right now as you can tell from this enormously long book that I just keep adding to. It's 9:40, Alina's still up having a great time playing, Sam and Ed are still out and I need something a bit strong to drink to get me calmed down!!!


amelia said...

That day made me tired and I was just reading about it! :) We don't know what we're having. We're crazy like that and decided to keep it a surprise!!

anne said...

If I had thought about it I could have brought something over for you... :)

(and I don't think you're loco!)

Jean said...

Amelia, you aren't crazy, just adventerous! :)

Anne: we were up until midnight watching The Office which I had just finished taping. Three episodes. All very funny. Sept. 21st....we find out about Jim and Pam. Can't WAIT!!!!'ll be just getting back from the jungle then huh? I'll tape it :)

anne said...

You'd better tape it!!! And Grey's too, don't forget!!

Cheeky said...

OK girls...tangential TV soapbox/intervention. When you start rooting for characters who are acting outside of moral de factos and looking forward with such great anticipation to their fictional fantasticisms, I get a little bit queasy. Do you really think office/hospital romances are exciting? Would you want your spouse to have that kind of "excitement" in their lives? I just get dismayed when people talk about TV shows/movies/books or what have you with so much gusto that it is apparent that "entertainment" has fully and so easily swashbuckled them into rooting for bad behavior by making a character so compelling that you throw your founded hibitions to the wind. Do I watch and enjoy these same shows? Yes. As entertainment as I'm sure you do. But the only way to redeem it in my mind is by analyzing what I watch. And, unfortunately, I get very saddened knowing that there are a lot of sponge-headed viewers out there soaking it all in and allowing sentiment to cloud issues and engaging in emotional escapism choosing to moon around in the la-la lands of a sitcom and buying what the industry is selling. Please don't tell me you are rooting for Pam & Jim or Meredith and Derek or I'll know you've been caught in the underworld's undertow...

Cheeky said...

Hey, I just posted a comment...or thought I did...but a message came up saying that my comment has been "saved" but won't be posted until approved by the blog author or something to that effect. I guess my question is, what's the point? Isn't that what a blog's comment section is for? If you don't welcome comments, why not just put your e-mail address on so people can e-mail you directly. Can you edit then post someone's comment if you don't like what they said or how they said it? Or just not post it at all? It seems a little bit controlling to me. I understand that there are spam bloggers, or whatever they are called, but I guess I just kind of see it as a bit closed-minded and 'safe' to have to moderate everyone's comments. Can you tell I'm a bit offended at your lack of trust in your blogging community? I guess I just don't like to be censored, so I'm sad that I won't be able to "comment". Not that I think you'll edit/delete/not post, I just don't like the whole idea and thought I'd throw it out there. And I'm curious to see if you post this or not...ha-ha. Cheeky of me, eh?

Jean said...

I would hope people don't live vicariously through tv/books/or whatever. Yes, that would be scary. I see tv for what it is. TV. Entertainment. And that's it. And who are Derek and Meridith?

As for comments being saved in the whole blogging world, I hope I explained that in the e-mail.

Cheeky said...

If you really don't know who D & M are, then you are probably OK. I actually had to go on the Grey's page and look up Patrick Duffy's character's name as I didn't know what it was, so I must be OK too. Whew!:-)

I want to publicly apologize to you, Jean, if I have stepped on your toes in commenting about your comments section set-up preferences. I was responding to the fact that the comment moderator option was designed (see below) as an additoinal method to either block spam or allow you to reject comments you don't want posted on your blog. I still see it as censorship and a lack of faith in us as your blogging community of friends, but like it says below, "whatever your reasons". And it's your blog. And I should keep my opinions to myself. And I will try to do so more in the future. And I will do some research on blog ettiquette, if there is such a thing (I actually hope there isn't any such thing or it defeats the purpose--but that's another story), so I am not violating any rules in the future.

The ability to moderate comments as they are added to your blog can be very handy in certain situations. Perhaps you have very spirited discussions where tempers are prone to running a little high, or perhaps you just want to catch any comment spam before it reaches your page. Whatever your reasons, the comment moderation feature will let you view all comments before they appear on your blog, giving you a chance to approve or reject them as desired.

You can find the comment moderation setting on the Settings | Comments tab, along with all of the other comment settings. It's just a simple yes/no option, and looks like this:

Choosing "yes" drops down an email form. This lets you moderate comments via email without affecting your regular comment notification setting. It is optional, since you can always moderate comments through the Blogger interface.

So set the option to "yes," enter a notification address if desired, save the settings, and wait for your next comment. All incoming comments will now go to a special "Moderate Comments" page, which you can find under the Posting tab:

On this page, you will see a list of all the comments that have been created but have not yet been approved or rejected. (This list excludes any comments made by admin members of the blog.) By default, they will be sorted by the time they were created, but you can also group them by their respective posts, by clicking the "Post Name" sort option at the top.

Each line in the list displays the beginning of the comment, the author's name, and the time it was created. Clicking the triangle to the left will expand the row to show the full text of the comment, along with "Publish" and "Reject" links, which you can use to approve or disapprove the comment. You can also select multiple comments and publish or reject them all at once, by using the check boxes on the left hand side and the buttons at the top or bottom of the list.

This entire process can also be done via email. If you entered an email address for moderation, you will get a message for each comment which will contain "Publish" and "Reject" links, as well as a link to the main moderation page for the blog. For example:

The links provided will prompt you to log in to your Blogger account, if you aren't already logged in. They will only work for new comments, and will not let you change the state of a comment that has already been moderated.


* Comments that have already been published or rejected are removed from the moderation list. Rejected comments are deleted and cannot be recovered. Approved comments can be deleted in the usual way if you decide you no longer want them.
* Only blog administrators will be able to moderate comments. Team members without admin privileges will not have access.

Jean said... toes are fine. they get stepped on every day. Thanks for your investigation into commenting set ups. I'll go have a look-see.

anne said...

I however am rooting for Pam & Jim.

And Derek and Meredith.

But separately. If you have ever watched an episode of any of these shows you will hear me arguing/shoutingat the tv with any and all of the characters about the crazy choices they are making. I love getting into a show. I 'know' they aren't real, but I like pretending they are and having conversations about them.

Ah yes...I am anxiously awaiting a new season of GA & Lost & DHW. And I'm not ashamed to say it.