Saturday, August 12, 2006

hole-y refuse

So this week has been busy. Not busy doing things, but busy wondering what our lawn out back was going to turn into.

To pick up our septic story of last month, I thought that little itty bitty pile of dirt was a lot. This past week, I've come to realize how itty bitty that pile really was.

To start, or pick up, here's our little itty bitty pile of dirt before Monday.

Then they started digging.

That itty bitty pile of dirt? Not so itty bitty, but morphed into something scary.

A huge hole formed in our yard (and this was only 1/2 of the hole).

And more mountains rose up where I never thought dirt would ever be.

And a new driveway.

This was our yard before state of failure.

Now this is our yard after a 23 foot deep by 10 feet wide by 66 foot long hole was dug in it.

So now we pray over the seeds that will be planted, that they will grow, and that we will never have to see the man who was paid to come take care of our internal outcomes.


anne said...

You are too funny. You will have a beautiful, lush green back yard again. Never fear! :)

Jean said...

maybe someday when we can afford the bags and bags and bags of seed that it's going to cost. ugh! :)

right now it's just one big claybox (can't say sandbox as you know how hard it is when a certain someone almost broke our fence) :)

heather said...

wow! that's a HUGE hole! the mended back yard looks good, though - and the grass will come in soon enough!

kassi said...

"internal outcomes" interesting choice of words :)

I'm glad that it is over for you. And especially that the mountains are gone.

Jean said... was a very large hole. one that I never thought I would see in our yard. who knew? :)

yes Kassi, less mountains are a good thing.