Friday, August 04, 2006


Today was the Ada Kids Fair in downtown Ada. Be careful because if you blink, you'll miss it. It's a quaint little village. Very tiny with really cute shops and has a charm and personality all it's own.

So the kids fair had lots of free stuff. Lots of arts and crafts. Face painting. Tattoos. Moonwalk, bouncy, slidy rides. Horses. Petting zoo with a llama, donkey, camel and lots of little creatures. I almost brought home a free kitten. They were SOOO cute!!! But it would have no food or anything waiting for it, so I thought it best not to bring one home. Plus they aren't hubby's favorite animals. I was very tempted though.

We rode our bikes to the little fair. It was mainly all downhill on the way there. Not so much on the way home. Sam did awesome peddling up all the big hills. I think I melted somewhere in there. Pulling Alina's trailer and trying not to fall over. I really don't remember much of coming home. Thank heavens for GU!! What would I do without you!!!!

Though it was swelting hot in the sunshine, it was a great time and lots of fun. Hotdogs for lunch with juice boxes. HUGE treat for the kids. And everything else was free. Can't beat free what-so-ever.

Now it's time to crash and look once more for the lost pacifier as the little princess is crying her heart out.


anne said...

Free Kitties!?! Oh my oh my! :)

I'm glad you didn't melt...and had a blast! Sorry I missed it!

Jean said...

don't go without thinking that I didn't think about you. I totally thought of you when I saw the little wee ones. there was a tiger kitty that I just wanted to take home. They were all so CUTE!! I thought, "Anne would want another one right?? though she doesn't want to become the crazy cat lady either...I best not".

Sorry you missed it too. all the sweating and feeling sticky and slimy. it was great fun. :)

anne said...

Thanks for thinking of me. It has been soooo long since we have fostered any sweet babies...Sigh. I would love to start a kitty foster home. There has to be a way. People who can't get rid of kittens, $5 I'll take them for you!

kassi said...

crashing after a really good bike ride (i.e. one that makes you tired) is awesome. I always love the shower after those.

Jean said...

sad thing is..i was way too tired to take a shower. I could barely make it up the stairs before lapping water out of the faucet out of dire thirst. ok..not really, but i really was way to tired to amount to much.