Friday, July 01, 2011

Transitioning: part two

Yesterday at work, my farewell article was edited and published in our monthly parent newsletter. One more stamp of finality that our journey here is coming to a close.

July marks a month of lasts.

Last time to head to the ocean.

Last time downtown.

Last day at work.

Last day at our house.

But there is still so much to do between now and our last day here. Two weeks of Kids' Summer Adventure for work and all the prep that will happen leading up to those two crazy weeks.

And there is still so much packing to be done. Some that can't happen until right before the moving truck comes. No matter how many boxes I pack up in my kids' room, more stuff multiplies and forms out of no where. I'm still mystified as to where my daughter is hiding it all!

But one thing that is not a last, is me. I have become more of who I am while living out here.

And that is one thing that will not be left behind.

Nor will it be packed away, sealed shut in the black darkness of a box, to be opened at an unknown time.

All of who I am will be transitioning.

To a different house.

Different scenery.

Different city.

Not as new beginnings.

But continuations.

Of who I am.


heather said...

Jean - I love this post. Amen to finding more of who you are! Sometimes it takes traveling far away to do just that :) What's next for you guys? Where are you moving?

Jean said...

Thanks Heather. It's been an extraordinary journey. :) End of this month we're headed back to the mitten state!

Amelia said...

What a journey you have been on! Praying for you as you transition back here and for God to continue to lead you!