Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review of Another Dawn by Kathryn Cushman

Another Dawn is about a young single mom who is faced with caring for her father, whom she has a rocky relationship with. Undertones in the story are her sense of self and learning to defend herself in her choices and learn to accept who she was created to be. She learns that running from problems sure doesn't make them disappear, but facing them head on helps develop a strong sense of self and a determination that was buried way deep down in.

A very different read than most I've had before. Controversial even, in today's society. Even though it was fiction, I believe a lot of parents weigh the pro's and con's of what they "should" do and "shouldn't" do as seen by the eyes of society. And yes, I'm being vague with what the subject is, as I don't want to give away the whole premiss of the book.

This book left me thinking how I view the subject at hand, and also the viewpoint of other parents who may chose differently than me. A definite good read.

Bethany House
sent me this complimentary copy to review for them.

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