Thursday, July 28, 2011

Transitioning: part six - heading out

After an emotional couple of days between the last day of work and the last neighborhood get together, the focus turned to packing.

Monday was filled with sticky tape, boxes, washing out cupboards and more packing. One last trip to the dentist to have two of the little miss' loose baby teeth pulled that I could just not get out. And a visit from my sweet friend/co-worker Katie and her amazing little guy Luca. Hugs, more hugs and happy hugs too.

It ended up being a late night of going, going, going. We both fell into bed exhausted.

Tuesday was errand upon errand. Eye exam, last picture at Kerry Park (where our first family pic was taken upon arriving in Seattle), Costco, us girls getting our nails done, etc. So many last stops.

Moving day arrived. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. thinking I heard the semi pull up (it wasn't scheduled to come for two more hours). After laying in bed for a bit, Ed said, "I think I'm going to get up to greet the day." I loved that phrase. It was full of hope, excitement and so much to look forward to.

The kids were up by 6 and by 7 we were walking to the corner to meet the truck.

In a flurry of hours of activity the car was loaded and the truck was being packed. The kids played with their friends the entire day.

When the time was coming to a close, there were kid tears all around. 10 year old best friends clinging to each other, sobbing.

Seven year old best friends walking around the outside house holding hands, being followed by a sweet three year old jabbering away.

A surprise drop-in from Nancy, fabulous friend and co-worker. More tears and clinging hugs.

I finished the final touches of cleaning and took one final walk through of our home the past two years. Tears streaming down my cheeks.

So many memories. Fun times. Birthday parties. Friends for dinner. Kids running through. Ed pouring over papers and books. Hours in the kitchen creating food for family and friends. Snuggles on the couch. Hard conversations. Hurt and then mended hearts. So many memories.

I wrapped them all up in my heart and carried them out of the house with me. To hold forever.

Final hugs and tears mingled as goodbye's were exchanged with neighbors who became friends.

And then we drove away. Extracted ourselves from our Seattle life.

Drove out of the city. Out of the state.

On to a new home.

New memories.

But carrying with us those we love and an array of memories.

Never, ever forgotten.

Thank you Jesus for three years that forever transformed me more into who You created me to be. I look back and see a glimpse of how you wove our lives in your greater story. Our family is tighter because of it. Our marriage stronger. Our lives richer. Us closer to you. Friends forever intertwined. I wouldn't have changed a single moment. And there is not a single regret. You planted us in Seattle for reasons we may never know. But what we do know is that we will never be the same because of our time here. And for that I will be forever thankful. Amen and amen.

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Valerie said...

...and all your friends say, "Amen."