Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Fun

This past Saturday we ventured downtown to try out a place that we came across while flipping through channels one night.

Top Pot

It was actually going to be called Top Spot, but the owner said they were driving down the highway and the "S" fell off the sign (it was given to them for free), so it became Top Pot. The interior was very open and airy, but yet homey and library-ish feeling. It looked more like a coffee shop, but had the distinct smell of a doughnut shop.

These were the most amazing doughnuts I have ever had. Home made. On the box it says "Hand Forged Doughnuts". Coupled with a cup of warm apple cider, it made a great start for a chilly Saturday.

Alina had the pink frosted/pink sprinkled.

Ed and I had the Bavarian Creme filled.

Sam had a regular chocolate colored (and picked out a Husky one too).

We brought extra home to munch on throughout the next few days.

After doughnuts, we went down to the sculpture park which is along the sound. It's part of S.A.M. Seattle Art Museum. We didn't make it very far as the train track runs along the other side of the park and trains were leaving, so we stopped to watch those (mainly Sam wanted to watch them). Our hour went by really quick (the meter for the van was ticking) but it was well spent watching trains, rolling down hills and lots of running.


anne said...

Hee hee...those are some nifty balls...ahem.

I could SO go for some hot cider and donuts today! mmm...

Jean said...

HA! very nice Anne. :)

Amy said...

I was going to say something but then I read Anne's comment and now I've got nothing. :-)

Cheeky said...

I've been craving donuts since Saturday. And I've even eaten donut holes, a cider and a pumpkin donut since then. And I am still not satisfied in the least. Dangit!

(don't say anything about the balls...don't say anything about the balls...stay on target...don't say anything about the balls...)

chris said...

have you checked out the experience music project yet? i heard it was flippin' sweet.....the building is cool too. it's supposed to be an abstract representation of jimi hendrix's guitar when he lit it on fire! :)

Jean said...

Oh boy. You girls are quite something for sure. :)

Actually Chris, I looked on the experience music website for a job (but was too underqualified with my music experiences). Will have to check it out next time we're at the Top Pot. It's on the same street. :)

heather said...

Oh, man! Those donuts look AMAZING. Thanks a lot, Jean, now I'll be craving donuts until I get them... :)

What a fun family day out!

thediaperdiaries said...


Adeana said...

Oh, a donut sounds so good right now. Maybe treat tomorrow will be donuts? Alina picked the one I would have eaten... pink, how can you go wrong with pink. The flavor for pink is always sweet.

Glad you have time away from the ordinary and are able to view the wonderful place where you live and enjoy the sites.

Jean said...

You're welcome Heather. Any time. Maybe Starbuck is craving donuts... :)

Thanks Adeana! I don't think any one would complain in the office if donuts were brought in. :) I know Ed looked forward to it on Fridays. :)

Kassi said...

I've heard of Top Pot doughnuts, we must have watched the same program! I'm so jealous that you get to try them they look delicious!