Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our house

So we found a house after crashing at Jason and Mandy's (thanks again...a ton you two) with a day to spare before the big 'ole semi came. I don't really have any pictures of moving in day b/c:

1. It was Ed and I who moved everything off the semi, with the help of our amazing mover Dennis and his wife. He pulled up and said, "Where's all your help?" Our reply, "You're looking at it." It went really smooth and only took 4 1/2 hours to unload everything.

2. All our things had to go into the garage rather than the house as the carpets were going to be cleaned the next day. So moving went in stages. Truck to garage. Garage to house. Contents to cupboards, crevices, shelves. Any place that was open, something went in it.

Here is one picture of our kitchen/eating area before it started being unpacked.

We're more settled now than we were a week ago thanks to Hillary, my parents and Ed's mom. It's been quite the two weeks!

The kitchen/dining area. Ed bought a wire rack and a microwave stand (and a microwave) as I ran out of cupboard space fast. I do miss my other kitchen, but am settling in well here.

The green room. This is off the kitchen/eating area and warms up pretty good from the eastern sunrise (and brightens up really early in the morning too).

A picture from the green room one of our first mornings here.

The living room is where Ed's office is, the piano and the couches. It's a nice cozy place with lots of books to be read. It has two pocket doors, so the room is able to be closed off when necessary.

Our bedroom. I thought our bedroom at the other house was huge. We rattle around in this one. I told the kids when company comes, they can come sleep in our closet. Or any of you with babies that come and visit us, your child will be sleeping in the closet. Seriously....it's big enough for a pack and play (which I brought with) and room to walk around it. Not because your child deserves to be sent to the closet. :)

Our very green bathroom attached to our room. Glad I don't dislike green. The kids have been in the tub more than I have.

Exterior of the house. Front and back. I took the mountain pictures today as I wanted to preserve them for all the cloudy days that we will have coming up. Either the clouds or the townhouses being built behind will come first. I think if I owned this house and lived here, I would be sick to my stomach losing this view to a two story row house that will be four feet from the back fence. So sad.

So there you have it. Our casa for the next few years. So come whenever you like. You will have a place to lay your head, a table to eat some food and some company that would love to see you.


Hillary said...

Jean, the house looks GREAT! You look all settled in! I like the arrangement of Ed's office, it looks cozy. And lucky you, with the "hot tub" and all! *grin* Your yard is a lot bigger than I thought, too.

Hooray for your happy new home! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful house. I like greenery. I love to see your house's picture during rain.

Jean said...

Why the kids keep calling it a hot tub to others makes it sound like we have this mammoth 10 seater in our bathroom. :) But I guess not having a bathtub the last 4 1/2 years, it probably does seem like a hot tub to them. :)

Thanks Harmon. There is no lack of greenery around here!

heather said...

looks cozy and home-y already!