Friday, September 05, 2008

Sam started 2nd grade on Wednesday. He looked so small getting out of the van and walking towards his room. It's still hard to wrap my brain around having a 2nd grader. He made fast friends and seems to really love it at this new school. We're so excited for this year and how much he is going to learn and grow. It is so different than the past two schools he has been at. Everyone is so friendly and the principal even knows Sam, Alina, Ed and I by name and people even greet us that we don't even know. This is a small balm with not knowing anyone here and helps to start making this feel like home.

Ed and I attended Vespers last night at his school. I was able to meet students that Ed attends classes with and some of their wives. It was a time of hearing from some staff and the president as to why they continue to come back every year. We also met in small groups and talked about our journeys of how we came to the school and what brought us here. There was also a time of singing and listening to 2nd and 3rd year students read of how their lives have changed in the short time they have been here. Last was prayer for the students in each program. MDIV students and spouses, Counseling students and spouses and Christian Studies students and spouses. It was a tremendously moving evening despite being very tired.

Tonight is the neighborhood dinner at a students house where we will meet others that live in our area. Looking forward to meeting more people.

Tomorrow is convocation with a worship time and communion, then a picnic for all students and staff.

The parents head home tomorrow night. Their help the past two weeks has been tremendous and we will miss them.

Ed started working Wednesday, doing inspections for the company he worked for back in Michigan. He has two more inspections to do today, so they are keeping him busy!

Job front on my end is still slow. Lots of jobs out there, but not many for a stay at home mom for the past 7 years. Still looking daily though and continuing to pray for patience and guidance.

That's all from this side of the country!


anne said...

Busy busy busy!! I'm so glad Sam loved his first day. Can't believe he's a 2nd grader either. Craziness.

12-arrows said...

I love your blog and am excited that we can stay connected through it! I will be praying as you begin this grand adventure.