Thursday, September 25, 2008

music picks of a 4 year old

Yesterday on the way home from dropping Sam off at school, Alina made some music requests as we had Ed's ipod in the van with us. Her requests:

Veritgo by U2
Beautiful Day by U2
We Will Rock You by Queen (she likes the stomping and clapping)
Domino by Van Morrison
Real Gone by Sheryl Crow
Got To Be True by Steven Curtis Chapman

I forgot one on the list: Pon De Replay by Rihanna

It was quite the eclectic mix she had going.


Amy said...

I can so relate! Our worship pastor is from Ireland. Today after school we dropped by the church so the boys could sing their rendition of "Lily the Pink" by the Irish Rovers for him. Their other favorites are the theme from the Phantom of the Opera, "Remember" by Josh Groban, and "Contagious" by Zoegirl. I'm glad to hear that Alina is being exposed to and enjoys a variety of musical styles. It could serve her well someday! :-)

Hillary said...

Clearly her parents have taught her good musical taste! :)

Jean said...

That's right! I heard he was from Ireland! The louder music comes from Ed. The softer music comes from me.

Ed is so much more a music person than I am. I think he has enough songs on his computer to listen to for 8.8 days straight without repeating one. All's I have on mine is all kids music. :)


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chris said...

wow, you got a visit from web sheriff? hmmm....

awesome playlist by your daughter there....and 8.8 days worth of music isn't all that much.


Jean said...

I'm not sure if I'm in trouble from the Sheriff. I didn't dare delete it in case they come knocking at my door in the middle of the night..

It's hard for Ed to get rid of some songs on his computer to make more space on his hard drive for school project downloads. It's quite the painful experience for him. Hence why hardly any songs get the file 13. :)

Anonymous said...

We will Rock You is my daughter's FAVORITE. I was able to find her a tooth tunes toothbrush that plays it...I am saving it for one of her Christmas presents. :)