Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the grass could be greener on the other side

I found out yesterday that:

1. Trees do not move.
2. Grass is very slippery when wet.
3. Metal is very hard.
4. Plastic cracks.
5. Wood comes apart easily.
6. I'm thankful I can still walk.

Today I'm finding that:

1. My body feels like it went through the wringer, dryer, washer, stretcher and any other torture device you can think of.

What did I do?
I mowed the lawn.
In the rain.
5th gear the entire time.
Ran into a tree (and am pretty sure I dented the trunk of it).
Cracked the entire front and top of the tractor cover.
Waited for it to blow up.
Ran over a stump (with the blades going).
Almost went over the top of the tractor (due to said stump stopping it).
Knees hitting metal were the only thing that kept me from flying off.
Waited for it to blow up again.
Peeled a board half way off the shed while putting the tractor away.
Saw the entire front of the shed bow in along with the peeling board.
Finally got the tractor in with the shed still standing.
Turned off the tractor before it blew up.

I was going to take a picture of the tractor, but Ed hasn't seen it yet and I want him to live another day.

One important gracious husband was not the least bit frustrated, but smiled when I told him these sad turn of events. That spoke volumes to my heart.


Ed said...

I hope you know that I wasn't smiling at your misfortune. I did feel bad at how much you've suffered after wanting to drive the tractor.

Jean said...

I knew you weren't at all. :) I know you know how much I love driving the tractor and would never laugh at me when I've been hurt. ;)

heather said...

Jean, this is truly a funny story at the heart of it. Any story that starts off with "mowing the lawn, in the rain, in fifth gear..." is funny from the start! the humor of real life - you can't make it up.

glad nothing blew up and you didn't have any injuries .

Jean said...

I'm glad I can laugh about it today. I told Sam what I did and his eyes got SO big and his mouth fell open. That was worth more than anything. :)

I just have two sore knees and a sore right shoulder from continuously turning left. Ed said I could totally be a NASCAR driver (since that's all they do...keep turning left).

Amy said...

You're braver than I am! I don't even know how to turn our lawn tractor on. I figure that's why I had boys. And since they both love tractors, I may never have to mow! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt and your hubby still loves you. :)