Saturday, June 07, 2008


Not sure what went through yesterday, but it was scary enough for me to scream at the kids to get in the basement as I thought the house was going to blow away.

1st was hail.
Then the power went out.
Then this horrendous wind blew.
It was white outside and I couldn't see the tree that is two feet away from the window.
Instinct kicked in and we ran to the basement.

30 seconds and it was over.

I assessed the damage.

It was the most bizarre thing I had seen. In the back, one plastic chair blew off the deck. Sam's soccer nets were still standing. Nothing damaged at all.

In the side yard, two huge silver maples were down. The back half of one and the entire top of the other. If the wind came from the other way, our house would've been crushed.

Our power came on 24 hours after it went out. I'm dirty and sweaty from lugging tree branches to the back yard. Friends came brandishing chain saws to cut up the trees.

Our for sale sign is gone.

Pictures to come.


Cheeky said...

We missed all the excitement of the storm yesterday being at the cabbage. I didn't even think about trees being blown over--wow! I'm glad you didn't get smooshed. I think the "For Sale" sign blowing away is quite funny and ironic--a sign from God maybe?

Hillary said...

I heard about crazy rainstorms in that area, but that one sounds nutty! Glad you are alright!

Jean said...

I think it took about 5-7 years off my life. It was mainly just our street that had the heaviest damage. It was crazy!

Thanks Hills! That's crazy that you heard about it all the way over yonder in Canadia! :)

Amy said...

Thank God you guys were safe! There was a lot of damage in our area too, but thankfully it missed us. I guess this is the down-side to summer. At least you have a nice basement to go to!

Anonymous said...

I am in Chicago hearing about all the storms from afar. I hope our house is still there when we get back.

Jean said...

Thanks Amy! We were able to enjoy the basement a bit better last night (with the tornado watch and thunderstorm warning) as we had electricity and the kids loved "camping out" as there was no way they were going to go to sleep upstairs with us down here. :)

It should still be there Diary...unless something happened, like the island, and it disappeared to who knows where... :)

anne said...

Still can't believe it was so very bad! It's amazing that your house and so many on your street made it out a-ok! Whew.