Saturday, June 21, 2008

here an ear, there an ear, everywhere an ear, ear.

This event took place last night. Ed and I were sitting outside chatting while the kids were "supposed" to be in bed and Sam came to the sliding door.

Sam: Dad? I need to tell you something.

Dad: What is it?

Sam: I did something.

Dad: And what would that be?

Sam: I put a piece of paper in my ear and I can't get it out.

Dad: Why did you do that?

Sam: So I could show my friends that I can pull a piece of paper out of my ear. Like a magic trick.

Dad: Come here please.

After much looking we couldn't see evidence of a piece of paper. Sam informed us that it was a tiny ball and he pushed it way in there. We tried ear wax removal with a warm water bath, flashlight, tweezers (not too deep in worries), but to no avail, that piece of paper would not come out. I informed Sam that we were going to have to go to the doctor the next day as it could not stay in there. He was in tears, scared and really sorry. We then headed him to bed and told him to lay on the side he put the paper in to see if it would come out during the night.

In his room:

Mom: Where's the piece of paper you used?

Sam: Right there. My math flash card.

I lift up the card and see a tiny piece torn off the edge.
He goes to lay down and I move his blanket to cover him up.

Mom: Is this the piece?

Sam: IT IS!!!! (relief and a huge smile on his face) I was praying about it too!

Dad: What did you pray?

Sam: "God please take it out. God please take it out."

Mom: That's pretty awesome that God answered your prayer isn't it? He was protecting you and keeping you safe.

Sam: It sure is! (awe all over his face) I'm glad he answered my prayer.

Mom and Dad each: Me too!

Sam was so awed and amazed that God would answer his prayer and I think it had a huge impact on his faith and trust in God. It was a pretty cool experience to witness. Seeing your child in awe of God and being so thankful to Him.

This morning it was the 1st thing he told his sister about. "God took a piece of paper out of my ear!"


Anonymous said...

too cute. i just love their innocence.

Amy said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing it. Don't you agree, when we see God nurturing our kids' faith, it helps ours grow a little bit, too? At least that's what I've found. I love that Sam's instinct was to pray about it. It's awesome to know God cares enough to answer the prayers of our children!

Jean said...

Their innocence is so refreshing and not tarnished one bit.

To hear that he prayed about it made my heart burst. It was such a great reminder of what child like faith is. Seeing him trust God no matter what (which also was a statement spoken weekly in his class at church for months) was one of the best things to witness and take heed of.

Cheeky said...

Boys! I love witnessing little kids' God-moments--Amy's right on--it helps bolster our own faith to see our kids' be so natural and innocent.

Jean said...

Thanks really was a good (though frightening) experience for him. :) And for us as well!