Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here are the pictures I've been meaning to post. We lost our power again on Sunday and it came back on today (Tuesday). It was quite the adventure the past few days with no electricity, water or being able to flush the toilets! ;)

This was right after the huge wind came through.

This pine tree snapped right off (we're still not sure why no other pine trees in the same row were blown down). This is also the same pine tree that I hit with the tractor...

This was our neighbors driveway. One of our trees took out two of their trees, one of which landed in their garage.

This is the other tree that came down. If the wind came from the other direction, the entire top would have been in our bedrooms. This tree used to tower high over the house. The wind took the whole top off.

This is from the street looking down the valley.

Saturday friends came over to help clean up (as we had an open house on Sunday).

Looking down our street after the storm. No one could get through as there were trees and power lines down, covering the street.

Lastly, what was left of our for sale sign. It was found plastered to the road by the neighbors.


heather said...

wowee! it's amazing that we are so close in proximity and saw nearly none of this wind. Glad everyone is okay! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is insane. We have been out of town. I hope our house is still standing when we come back!!

Amy said...

What a mess! That must have been quite a storm. God definitely had you in His hands. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope you have lots of help cleaning up all the branches!