Wednesday, January 23, 2008

test 3

Last night I made this. Warm snow pea and chicken salad. It could've used a bit less of the sauce (tahini, light soy, rice vingar, and sesame oil (but i used olive oil as I had no sesame oil)). It took forever to slice the snow peas into thin pieces, but Alina helped in putting them in the bowl (and eating the peas out of them). It was three out of four thumbs up. Sam didn't care for it. He said he liked broccoli better than this dish. I told him that was good to know as I'd make something with broccoli in it for the next dinner. His words, "I like this! Never mind!" I explained to him that it will give him lots of energy in gym.

Today he came home and said, "Mom, I'm glad I ate that last night! It gave me lots of energy in gym today. I ran one lap and ran out of gas, but I rested and filled right up again and I kept running and running!"

Can't beat that.. :)


anne said...

He's such a funny little fellow... :)

heather said...

i love it!

i love to read about your food experiments with your family, too! great that you're involving kids in the meal-making process, too.

Hillary said...

What a cutie patootie! I love the broccoli comment! :) It's so amazing how much how one little comment can affect them, hey? "It'll give you energy" and voila! It stuck with him like crazy. Kinda frightens me! :P

That salad sounds great, but I soooo wouldn't have the patience for cutting those snow peas up!

Cheeky said...

That looks so good--I might have to try that one

Jean said...

He really is. :)

Thanks Heather. They both love being in the kitchen. Sam making a mess and Alina stirring anything she can get her hands on. Sam also makes a mean mac and cheese. :)

It shows how influencial words are. :) I also found that this is not a last minute meal with having to cut all the pea pods.

It was pretty tasty! I bet it'd taste even better with fresh in-season snow peas instead of Meijer one's sent from who knows where. But I guess I can't be choosy in the middle of winter though...