Saturday, January 19, 2008

A rare find!

I found a true treasure digging through an old box of stuff.
Circa 7th grade.

Jean's autograph book: Signed by other kids (a bunch of notebook paper stapled together to form a book)

Good luck in the future and the guys! Don't wait for them go get'em! Make 'heart' not war! Nicki

Hi. I hope you have a great summer. Maybe I will see you this summer. Well good luck with that boy of yours. bff. Karisa

Have a fun summer, good luck with the guys. Eric

Have a great summer. I will never forget you and I will miss you. Call me every other weekend. Not on week days because I will be gone.

Hi and bye! the year went so fast! Remember me when you're eating a banana! See ya in Big Bad 8th! Surfers smile sexy so smile surfers style. Roketa "Chaquita"

B.Y.O.G. Bring your own gum. Chris

Hey Babe! Miss me! Love, Steve

Have a great year in "88" and may the guys be with you! It's been fun this year being a friend of yours and have fun with Eric B! Call me if you want. Ryan

And I didn't include the "explicit" ones as who knows what kind of people I'd get reading this!

So there you have it. I must've been guy crazy in 7th grade and I must have had a GREAT summer with all those well wishes.


heather said...

wow, jean! this is a whole new side of you!! you and guys, huh?! this is hilarious...

Hillary said...

Jean! That is so awesome! And you're such a tease! You can't tell us you're not showing the good stuff! lol!

I founda casssette tape at my parents a few months back taht was a dictated letter to a friend, all about my life when I was 13. It was excruciating to listen to, but hilarious all the same.

There was some boy stuff, but wow, I think you've got me beat by a long shot! You must have been a big ol flirt! I expect some follow up stories! :)

Jean said...

it is quite hilarious isn't it? I think i blocked it all out of my memory b/c i remember very little of jr. high.. :)

oh don't want to read the other stuff. OOooooo sounds like a great find for you!! How funny! I really wasn't a flirt. I liked all the popular boys (wasn't in the popular crowd by any means. Heck..I played trumpet and had braces). :)

Jessica said...

Ohhh how fun! I love finding pieces of my past and laughing/dreaming at what I use to consider so important during that stage of my life.