Tuesday, January 15, 2008

changed my mind

Today I went to work on my list of to-do's. One was to scratch the tape off the handrail and sand it a bit so it can be painted. It's full of black marks, paint, indentations, scratches, gouges and you name it. A thought flashed through my brain. "I wonder if I could sand all this stuff out?" So I got the tape off and started sanding. And kept sanding. And more sanding. Oh....the beautiful wood underneath the who knows how many years of use. Luckily I stopped and told Ed over IM and his sensible brain suggested I stop and finish painting the last coat on that wall so no paint drips on the newly sanded part.

I know it's just a handrail, but with not having really re-done any woodwork before, this is very exciting for me. I started having flashes of scouring estates sales and finding gems to refinish. This is very, very scary mind you. A new hobby is a dangerous thing...

Now I need to go blow my nose to get all the sand-dust out.

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Hillary said...

Ah, it feels so good to do jobs around the house that you've never done before! Go Jean! :) (and good luck with that dust! hehe!)